In 2019, approximately 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day. It is an astonishing number that points to one thing: email as a marketing medium is certainly not dead.

Its popularity is not likely to decrease anytime soon: a Statista study forecasts that by 2022, the number of emails sent daily will be 347.3 billion.

While it is easy to get to the inbox of your subscribers, having them open it is not so much.

Your open rates can give you valuable insights into the success of your email marketing campaigns. To achieve favorable results, it is essential that subscribers click on your emails, giving you the chance to get your message across.

Here are some tips on how to increase your email marketing open rates!

1. Always provide value

You are reading this article for a reason, perhaps because the title signaled to you that it might be valuable. The same thing is true for your email subject.

You don’t need me to tell you how important your email subject lines are; they are like the cover page of your book. Research shows that 47% of users decide to open an email simply based on the subject line.

Aside from being interesting, the subject line should show the recipient the value of the content inside.

Whenever you create an email campaign, ask yourself this: “what is in it for the recipients?” or “Why should they open it?”

The answers should indicate the value of the campaign. Remember to always keep that clear in the subject line. If you are stuck, have a read of our article: 8 subject line tips for higher email open rates.

2. Test your subject lines

Getting it right the first time may be hard (or not, if you are just lucky). That is why Digital Marketers use A/B testing.

An A/B test allows you to test two different subject lines and compare the results: which one achieved a higher open rate for your campaign? Thus, it is simple and objective.

A/B testing should be used for pretty much everything in your marketing campaign, but when it comes to increasing your open rate, you should test which subject line works better. You can try to find out things such as:

  • Size: is a slightly shorter subject line performing better? (In terms of opens and conversions perhaps)
  • Personalization: Perhaps putting the names of the recipient works better than a more generic approach?
  • Offers: You should find out whether your subscribers respond well to numbers or informative text (as an example).

Test test test! And you shall find the subject line that resonates with that subscriber, who might one day be your loyal customer.

3. Segment your mailing list

When talking about digital marketing, there is one thing that cannot be forgotten: relevance.

Today, people do not want to be interrupted by an advertisement that has nothing to do with them - in fact they expect to receive messages that are in line with their needs and wants.

According to a study, segmented email campaigns generate about 58% of the return coming from email marketing efforts. This means that the more you segment, the better your results will be!

There are different ways of segmenting your mailing list and you should be using many of them. For example, you can segment based on demographics such as age, or perhaps based on the time they have been on your mailing list.

4. Clean your list

There is no point spending all that time on effort on design, personalization, and creation of the perfect subject line, if your mailing list has not been validated in the first place.

It is estimated that, out of 1000 contacts that a company has, 4.5% become invalid after a mere 28 days. People change their jobs or simply stop using some secondary email accounts they may have.

You need to identify these invalid or incorrect email addresses to maintain good list hygiene. More importantly, it needs to be done on a regular basis.

Thankfully, email verification services exist which can do this for you very easily. Make sure that the one you choose is cost-effective and offers a deliverability guarantee of over 99%. You can evaluate some options given in this post.

5. Follow best practices to ensure data privacy

Why will someone open your email if they never signed up to your mailing list? Buying lists has never been the right or the profitable way to grow your business - you need to grow it organically. This way the recipients would be genuinely interested in what you have to say or offer.

While it may seem like this way is difficult and time-consuming, the results will be worthwhile. Research shows that 54% of digital marketers consider increased engagement rate as their most important goal; and a list grown organically gives you just that.

Also, rules such as GDPR have changed the game. It prohibits marketers from sending emails to anyone without prior consent; you should also be able to prove this permission.

When put in action, these tips can help you increase your email marketing open rates. You should be achieving an open rate of around 19.5%, which is the average of all industries. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t achieve the results you want, quickly.

Email Marketing is not as objective as science. Do some research and testing to find what works best for you and your organization.