If you've been working with email as a marketing channel, you may know that without email validation and proper data hygiene, your email marketing strategy is faded to fail. And this is something we can surely help you with - TheChecker is the best tool you can use to validate your emails and ensure a high deliverability rate. Let's dive into what is email validation and how it can be used to resurrect your email channel.

Yes, the word I want to use is "resurrect." Why? Many of our clients stop using email marketing because of past mistakes. Many of them had problems with their ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and ESP (Email Service Providers), and their emails were landing in spam folders. Because of that, they've been abandoning their email channels, which, if well maintained, can provide significant profits for any company, considering that the ROI of email marketing can be close to 4.500%, i.e., every dollar you invest, you earn US$ 4.500. That's a powerful channel if you ask us.

With validation, their emails are out of the spam folder into the inbox. Bounce rates are on an all-time low, and people are reading their emails, consuming their products. The mistakes that got them blacklisted are never going to be repeated, saving potential costs that they could have with new ISPs and ESPs. Data hygiene saved their day, and we're glad we could help: that's the main benefit of our tool; it reduces costs while increases gains.

Your email channel is dead without email validation

We've been looking at a plethora of different places that talk about email marking. Many of them keep a list of best practices and most barely mention email validation. We beg to differ. If you only follow these said best practices, you may still fall into spam folders and see your deliverability fall, reputation, open rates, click rates, conversion rates, or any metric you may track. Without email validation, your list gets rusty.

A poor sender reputation is like a snowball; it only gets bigger and bigger. Having 1 percent of bad emails on your list may reduce your deliverability by over 10 percent.  That's money, time, and customers going away.

And what is the wrong email?

Bad news: that can be many things. Temporary, misspelled, or even canceled emails are on the mix. About 8% of every email entered into web forms are invalid, by mistake or invention. And that's only the first moment. About 20% of every email is not valid after one year, and that number may double if we're talking about corporate emails. In other words, if you do everything correctly, you will still be going to the spam folder eventually.

And of course, there's the ultimate email marketing sin among it: disrespecting opt-outs. That can get you on spam lists faster than you can say "I'm sorry" - you technically have ten days to take these emails out of your list - as per CAN-SPAM demands -, but if you can take them out automatically, it will be the best of the worlds.  Oh, and remember opt-outs are people desiring to leave your list and stop receiving your emails, not wishing to receive fewer emails, unfortunately, a "mistake" that many email marketers commit on purpose not to let their databases shrink.

Maybe it's time to educate your boss

One complicated issue that we have to talk about here is that the bad behavior that leads to the death of an email channel is not made because of bad decisions from the email marketer. But wrong corporate incentives. Many workers in this industry have their performance measured by how many emails they have on their list. That's the worst metric you can choose from and the wrong mentality to have when thinking about email marketing.

An email list size doesn't matter - or at least it's not the most critical metric. You should strive to put quality over quantity. That means your parameters should be based on the quality of your reader - preferably click rate, conversion rate - instead of how many people supposedly receive your email. Cutting off a few thousand emails from your list might hurt initially, but it might be the best thing for your business. It can keep your email working.

If you are a marketer and your boss is against it, maybe it's time to have a conversation with him and show him what matters for your campaigns and it's effectiveness. That can do wonders and will be very important if you go into the email validation route - it will save you from explaining yourself when your list numbers start dropping. Don't you forget that both of you share the same goal: selling more, having more costumers and doing it in the most cost-efficient way. That's, of course, is not letting your email marketing die or bringing it back from the dead.

Resurrecting your email channel can lead to significant benefits

Letting your email marketing die is among the worst things you can do to your business - you're losing maybe your best modern sales channel. Rationally, that's a great deal of loss of efficiency, because your email channel is so right, with so much potential, it deserves a proper treatment from you and your team. But how can you see that your email is dying or dead already? There are a few symptoms that may help identify it and we want to share it with you. But fear not: even if it's dead, there are ways to save it from oblivion.

The first thing you will see is that it will turn into lost revenue, as your costumers that used to come through it will stop. If you sent an email and had amazing responses (in terms of conversions and sales) before, it will have diminishing returns over time, as your deliverability drops. No wonder many persons say that the e-mail is dying (yes, this is a discussion nowadays!), with many companies doing so severely with this channel.

That sales inefficiency may lead your company into a trap: spend money into new ISPs and ESPs to guarantee that your email marketing will become usable again, taking you out of the spam folders. It will take time to warm up these new servers. And if it turns out to be useful still, the same mistakes will end up killing it again, and again, and again and again. Which will make you spend more money on those servers again and repeat the whole process. It's not profitable to do this over and over, and one of the reasons why many companies let it die without bothering trying to save it.

It will start to turn into increased marketing costs, as you turn to more costly alternatives, like Facebook or Google Ads. The ROI on those places can be pretty good; we know that. Are they better than 4.400% (the average on email marketing, according to SendGrid)? No, they're not. They will skyrocket the costs of your company to figures you won't be comfortable with, and if you make a mistake there - let's say a campaign that delivers almost no sales- it will cost you dearly — more than you think. In contrast, with email marking, you can try again after some time.

How long will your email marketing die? Not even we can answer that. It may die fast, or it may die slowly - there's no "dying formula" - as it depends on how many new subscribers you get, how many emails you send, and many factors. It doesn't happen overnight, though. It takes time, and the chances are that it is dying in front of your eyes. If that's the case, you should act quickly: it's way easier to heal a dying email channel than to resurrect an already dead one.

All that comes from having aa damaged sender reputation - doing the wrong stuff over and over and over. If you knew there's a way out, would you let your channel with most potential turn into irrelevance? Because there is one - and I sincerely hope that you come alongside us to see and solve it.

Email validation keeps it working and being profitable

If your destiny is to see your email channel dying, what can keep it alive or even resurrect it? Two words: email validation. The idea behind it is to identify which emails are invalid before you send your campaign, therefore acting before you get flagged by your ISPs and ESPs - which may permanently damage your reputation. It cleans up your email list, improving deliverability, and making sure that those people that may get your email exists.

You could check email validations one by one, and you would catch many mistakes - imagine how many people write @hmail instead of @gmail. That would take forever, and you would get only 2% or 3% of all invalid emails. TheChecker can do it in a few seconds or minutes, even if your list has millions of entries, using technology to ensure that these emails are valid. And we have a 99,9% precision rate - we will catch these invalid emails, believe us.

Our technology predicts which email will have a hard bounce, therefore, knowing if it's safe to send or not. Periodically cleaning your email list will guarantee that you do not fall into any blacklist. The tool can search for syntaxes errors, validate MX records and work towards anti-greylisting (a step between a good reputation and being blacklisted) and deletes any email that is doubled on your list.

With our API - available for the primary email marketing tools, like Hubspot, Mailchimp, RD Station, and many others -, you can validate your emails in real-time as soon as you capture them on your site. You can also submit an entire list at once, using CSV, TXT, XLS or XLSX, guaranteeing that your full list gets processed and checked in just a few minutes (about ten faster than most email validations tools). So the next time you send a campaign, it will be sent only to valid emails.

And worry not about data safety:  we comply with the regulations, especially the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on the European Union, so your data is entirely safe with us, with many encryption layers guaranteeing it's safety. The Checker works on and puts great emphasis on being correct, trustable, and on the right side of the regulations.

Make it a habit

Letting your email die because of a lack of validation was not a one-time mistake. It was constant. It was a bad habit being committed time after time. If you clean your list now, once, it may help, but it won't solve it. You have to remember that it's not a one-time fix, it has to turn into a habit, something that you do from time to time. That is the only way to keep your email marketing channel alive in the long run: it has to become one of your practices.

If you don't do that with regularity, you're doomed to see your email marketing die again sooner or later. Our pricing was thought in a way you can turn it into practice, a habit, and earn much more money than you spend with us by getting your incredible email marketing working again. You can try our platform for free for seven days, and we trust

We are committed to helping you on that journey, and that's why we were chosen as the best email validation tool in places like Capterra and Trustpilot - amassing a significant number of clients that are among the biggest companies in the world, such as Netflix and WeWork. In other words, trust us to make your list more trustable. It's our mission. Try our tool for free on this link, and remember that we have customer support 24/7 to listen to you and help you succeed!