The Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes That You Are Making Without Realizing

You’d think that email marketing can be just as simple as other marketing strategies. However, there are a lot of mistakes that you’re doing without even realizing.

As emails remain as one of the most effective channels to connect with customers, you want to ensure that you stay on top of the competitors. There is a sheer number of variables that you must take into consideration before you even think about forming an email campaign.

When open rates are decreasing and click-throughs’ are no longer meeting your expectations, you have to re-think the strategy. Thus, you should read below to find out the most common email marketing challenges.

1. Lack of Personalization

Personalization is more than just the name game. There are several factors that you must consider getting the game right.

A successful marketing campaign with personalization has on average 26% higher open rates and up to 15% more click-through rates. This is in comparison with the emails that have no form of personalization.

The reason why personalization has such a high success is that subscribers expect to receive content that is tailored to their unique interests and preferences. Thus, it’s essential to ensure that you know what grabs the attention of each subscriber to your email list.

How to fix Lack of Personalization

Subject Line

Of course, you have to start from the beginning. Hence, the subject line is an excellent point to start. For example:


As you can see, the message seems direct. From the subject line, the customer will believe that you’re speaking directly to them. In addition to this, the email appears less “salesy.” Hence, it’s perceived like you want to connect with the recipient on a more personal level.

Personalized Copywriting

To further up the game, you need to know more than just their name. You must have accurate data that came directly from them. Generally, you should have information regarding:

  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Likes/Dislikes

Such information will allow you to plan and create personalized, relevant content and promotions that people will genuinely benefit from.

Furthermore, you can also think about asking their locations. Engaging with them based on their demographics will allow you to create emails that are in their interest.

2. Ignoring Sender Reputation

You must ensure that you always know your sender reputation as it’s affecting you more than you know. Your credibility and authenticity depend on this particular reputation. The score that Internet Service Providers (ISP) give you will make the spam filters to mark you as either spam or authentic.

**Your reputation depends on the factors below: **

Bounce Rates

If an email that you send bounces, it may be because of a temporary problem. Nonetheless, there are two types of bounces:

  • Soft bounce – easy-to-fix issues such as a full inbox
  • Hard bounce – closed email account, email address marked as spam, misspelled address

The only way to fix this is to verify your list through TheChecker email verification service. The algorithm will remove all of the email addresses that are negatively influencing bouncing rates. This preventive action will allow your listing to have subscribers that are helping you to maintain a high sender reputation.

To find out more information about sender reputation, you should check out this article.

Email Frequency

Spam senders will send a high volume of emails to the whole list at the same time. This will ensure a maximum reach. Nonetheless, this is a detrimental mistake. Hence, you should avoid sending emails more than twice a week as it will trigger the spam filters.

Sending numerous and irrelevant emails to the majority of the list, the ISPs will begin investigating your IP address. To avoid this, you should start slowly to “warm-up” the IP address and to prevent the spam filters.

Unsubscribe Rates

If you’re suddenly receiving a high number of unsubscribe rates, this should be a red flag. One visible sign is that your subscribers are becoming tired of the campaigns that you’re sending.

To fix this, you should think about adding a double opt-in. This feature will require the subscriber to confirm their email. Even though you may risk having lower sign-ups rates, you are ensuring that those that did sign-up are interested in your emails.

3. Getting Flagged as Spam

If the metrics don’t show you a red flag, the only factor that will influence this is the content. As mentioned above, you have to figure out the relevancy of the information.

If you’re sending out content that isn’t in the interest of the recipients, your emails will become ignored and eventually marked as spam. If the subscribers will mark your emails as spam, your sender reputation will be affected. Consequently, your future campaigns will not reach the subscriber’s inbox.

Therefore, in the welcome email, you should let the recipients know the type of content that they should expect. Additionally, you should also ask subscribers from time to time, what content they would like to see from you. Such feedback will make sure that you’re on track to relevant content.

4. Not Using Segmentation

Create segmentation based on the interests of the subscribers. This isn’t a difficult thing to do as you can begin the segmentation process when people sign-up to the email list. Create a small questionnaire at the beginning to figure out topics of interest. Such action will guide the potential customers to different segments of the email list.

For example, HubSpot has used four different options for people to choose from for their newsletter. Such as:

  • Sales
  • Services
  • Marketing
  • Agency

The email the customer receives is based on their chosen preferences.


These are the most common mistakes that you can make when it comes to email marketing. Even though they may seem obvious, many people ignore their importance. Addressing these email marketing challenges will guarantee a better success rate in email marketing.

If you want to be on top of your competitors, you must ensure that you fix whatever problems you are facing. Otherwise, you risk awakening the spam filters or losing subscribers.

The Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes That You Are Making Without Realizing
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