You may already know this, but it is always good to reinforce it: the subject line of your email marketing is the most important phrase you will create in your campaign! And do you know why? Because 33% of users open an email taking into account only the subject line.

The subject of the email is directly linked to its open rate: the more interesting it is, the more people are likely to open your email. So, to help you create a great subject line, we have prepared some tips for you, which will enable you to create a successful campaign.

Email subject lines with emojis

You may think that emojis were created just to make your private conversations more fun and less robotic. What only a few know is that emojis can do the same for your email campaigns!

Using emoticons in the subject line helps to differentiate your message in the sea of ​​emails that is the user's inbox. In addition, studies have shown that using an emoji in a marketing copy can increase its effectiveness by up to 70%.

Place a ‘doubtful face’ emoji after a subject line with a thought-provoking question or a passionate face in the subject of an email with tips that the reader will appreciate. It's worth the creativity and, of course, perform A/B tests to see what works best for your audience.

Email subject lines that ignite curiosity

We humans are naturally curious, and it was our curiosity that allowed us to develop the key inventions of humanity. This can also be used in your email subject line as a way to get users to click on your message and open it.

For example, an email with a subject line that said "Did this happen to you?” would probably make you wonder if it happened to you, right? Subject lines that spark curiosity increase engagement with your brand and, of course, your open rates.

Email subject lines with a sense of urgency

"The timer’s going off on your cart!" - that's what the King Arthur Flour email subject said. The company tried to use a sense of urgency (a technique well-known to experienced marketers) to remind the user to finish buying what they left in the cart, and avoid having to redo it all later.

As humans, besides being curious, we don't like being left out of anything. And creating a sense of urgency encourages your audience to open an email message so as not to miss any news. This not only helps improve your open rates, but also in conversions, since our purchasing decisions are often made emotionally.

Valuable subject lines

Who doesn't like to get something nice? Your users would probably love to get a discount, free samples or exclusive material that you have specially prepared for the readers on your list.

Shutterfly, a company that personalizes products with your photos, likes to use emojis in its subject lines, but its subject line "Hot freebie alert! 15 free gifts, you pick 5" really stood out, using several buzzwords in the same line to give the reader a real reason to open the message.

But remember: there is no point filling your email subject line with buzzwords and not offering relevant content in the body. Align the subject line with the message and always have the target persona in mind.

Personalized subject lines

Did you know that personalization can do wonders for your email campaigns? Studies have shown that a personalized subject line can increase your open rate by up to 50%.

Personalization makes the recipient feel that you created that message especially for them, and it helps to build a trusting relationship. But personalizing your subject line doesn't mean just using the recipient's name.

Wag !, an application for finding people to walk your dog, likes to use the users 'pets' names in the subject line. Other tips are to use data such as birthday, transaction history with your company or relationship status.

Email subject line with updates

People love news and want to stay informed. Using terms such as "breaking news" to inform your audience about big news from your company is a great way to generate interest in them.

You can also use real news to create a sense of recognition for users. For example, TechCrunch used a news story about Google in the subject "Google sees smartphone heroics in Oreo. It's The Daily Crunch" to signal to readers that when they open the message, they will be attuned to the latest industry news.

Think of the things that your audience struggles to keep up with, that have to do with your market. Then create a summary of the email and a corresponding subject line that reflects the latest news in that category.

Email subject line: what not to do

On the other hand, if you are not careful with your subject line, you may run into some problems. To avoid this, it is also important to pay attention to some details.

Subject lines that do not give the user an incentive to read the email is an example of what not to do. Make sure to write something creative and thought-provoking.

Another tip is to watch out for spam. People are already bothered by the flood of spam in their emails and, in general, they know how to recognize an unwanted message just by the subject line. Customization can help you with this, but also remember to work on your sender reputation.

And if you need more help, comment below or contact our team! We are always here to help you.