To increase your email conversion rate, you should start by driving more traffic. It is often the low-hanging fruit as you need better traffic to grow the email list. If you place the focus on boosting opt-in rates, your email list will grow much faster. Nonetheless, adding traffic to a website with low conversion rates is like trying to fill a leaky bucket.

It’s understandable if the very first thing you want to do is to bring traffic to the website. However, you need to focus on conversion rates to boost profit and grow the email list faster. Think about it, would you rather have 1,000 visitors with a conversion rate of 1% or 500 visitors with a conversion rate of 2%? Sometimes, you can get more conversions over low traffic or the same amount of traffic at half the cost.

Four Ideas to increase your Email Conversion Rates

Read below to find out how to triple your email conversion rate in 7 days.

#1: Use Heatmaps

This tool is handy to see how visitors behave on a website. Have you ever wondered why some customers fill the shopping cart but leave the page? Why some leave the site without purchasing anything?

The visual map is a graph that will represent the data in colors so all can easily understand it.

Site visitors

Such a map will tell you information regarding mouse movement, scroll, and click tracking. In case a user spends more time in a particular location, the color will change. Hence, you can use it to figure out what you need to get rid of, move, or add to increase the conversion rates.

A study concluded by Jakob Nielsen has found that around 80% of user’s time will be spent on content above the fold. Whereas, 19% of their time will be spent on the content below the fold. This means:

· Above the fold – Content which is on the page before you have to scroll

· Below the fold – Content which is below the first scroll

So, if you want to increase the conversion rates, you must put the call-to-action above the fold. Users will be more attentive and curious about the content. If they have to scroll, they will place their attention onto something else.

What’s even more exciting about the study is the fact that people don’t pay attention to banners. Users are very unlikely to engage with ads. Thus, the concept of banner blindness has developed. Banner blindness means when a visitor will completely ignore the side parts of a page that looks anything like ads.


Therefore, if you want to increase the email list, do not place the CTA button on the sides of a webpage. A tiny number of visitors will take a look, but they will not engage with it. Furthermore, make sure that it’s visible and easy to follow through.

#2: Irresistible Offers

There is a reason why every business does it. Its because it works. Offering something in exchange for an email address is appealing to the newbie.

It’s also referred to as a lead magnet. In exchange, you can offer an eBook, plugins, or a discount code. Anything that you can think of that doesn’t cost you an extortionate amount and is accessible over the web.

The bad news for you is that everyone does it; every online business has some lead magnet that can attract your potential customers. To stand out, you must create a lead magnet that is irresistible to pass.

For example, you have a shoe shop, and you desperately want to bring in more money, what lead magnet looks more appealing?

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The majority will pick option two because it has a specific target. Take a look at the example below:

Irresistible Offers

Similar to the example above, the lead magnet will solve a particular problem that is faced by many. So, the subscriber will know exactly what they’re receiving, how they can benefit from it, and how long the process will take.

How to create a lead magnet

Step 1 - What problem will be faced by the majority of people visiting your website?

To find out, you will have to speak to the customers themselves to find out they need the most help with. If you don’t have time for this, you can read online blogs or forums to see what are the most frequently asked questions.

Step 2 – Create it

Which is the most straightforward format for your customers? Have the subscribers responded positively to videos in emails? Have you ever given out an audio recording? What about an eBook?

If you want, you can reverse-engineer by looking at what your top 5 competitors are currently giving out to newbies.

Step 3 – Headline

The most effective headline has to be along the lines of “How to [Benefit] in [Time] Without [Problem]

Nonetheless, you still need to research your audience to figure out what triggers your subscribers. Once you find out the formula, you must use it to generate better email conversion rates.

#3: Optimize for Mobile

You cannot increase conversion rates if the website is not optimized for mobile. Around 50% of all users will use a mobile device to access your website. As well as, it’s quickly becoming the most preferred method by all people with access to the internet.

The best way to do it is by formatting the landing pages through responsive design. Such a design will make the web page accessible on all of the user’s devices. Walmart took this example, increasing their orders by 98% and conversion rates by 20%.

If you don’t already have your website responsive, there are numerous online plugins that you can use. All of them can be adjusted to your preferences and budget, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to increase the conversion rates.

#4: Exit-intent Popup

The majority of those that are visiting your website indeed have ad blockers activated. The reason for this is because they’re often intrusive and annoying.

Ad blockers

In addition to this, the same study by Hubspot has concluded that popups have negatively influenced user experience.


With so many people saying that popups are annoying, you would think this is an ineffective way to boost conversion rates. However, it’s the opposite. Popups are a great tool to use if you add a little twist.

Instead of annoying the visitor with a popup as soon as they enter, you want to delay it with at least 20 seconds.

If you don’t want to do this, you can think about an exit-intent popup. Such a feature will only show when the visitor has the intention to leave the website. The visitor’s mouse movements trigger the popup. As soon as they hover over the “X,” the popup should immediately show.

If the popup is done correctly, you will see conversion rates boost more than 100% in just seven days.

Concluding thoughts on Email Conversion Rates

For a successful online business, you must have an active email list that will engage with you - increasing email conversion rate is just a part of the game. This is why TheChecker will clean out your email list and remove old and unused addresses that negatively impact your email conversion rates.

Filling the list with potential buyers should be a top priority. Hence, you should look away from the trap of purchased lists. Working effortlessly on improving conversion rates will, in turn, impact on the growth of the email list.