Companies worldwide lose out on approximately $20 billion a year due to problems with email deliverability - shocking, right? This is the result lost because of those 20% of emails that never reach their recipients. Email deliverability also has a major impact on a company’s sender’s reputation, which means it is necessary to maintain a bounce rate of under 2% in all email campaigns. It is no wonder then, that 37% of marketers consider deliverability one of their biggest challenges of email marketing.

Thus, since its conception, in 2017, TheChecker has had the mission of democratizing email validation and data quality. Our efforts have always been focused on helping companies of all sizes, to increase their email delivery rate, and consequently optimize their email campaigns and results.

We have already achieved major milestones, such as having 1000’s of forward-thinking teams as clients, in over 180 countries, and we are proud of that. Our solutions include integration with marketing tools and CRMs, validations that can be done via API for single or bulk checks, and results that have 99% accuracy, the highest in the market. So, what is next? Our new real-time email verification feature, which is another feather in our cap.

"By launching our brand new JavaScript Widget and making the installation and customization process 100% codeless, we move one step further in our mission to democratize data quality and make email validation go mainstream." Bernardo Rocha, TheChecker CEO.

Widget: free real-time email validation

Seeking to increasingly meet our customers' needs, we launched our new TheChecker real-time email validation feature: the Widget.

To put it simply, it will let you check emails entered in your forms in real-time. This means that we guarantee that your email list will always be clean, and contain only valid email addresses. Best of all, it is free, and requires no coding or technical skills to install.

Its key benefits are:

• Simple copy-and-paste installation;

• All pages on your site with secure forms;

• Real-time lead capture quality statistics

• Checking for bad emails before entering your database

• Cost-saving with licenses for marketing automation platforms that charge per email

What is the first step to get it working?

If you are not yet a TheChecker user, to start checking emails directly on your forms, the first step is to sign up for your account. It is simple and fast.

Once logged in, choose “JS Widget” from the menu and click on “New Widget”. In the settings, enter the name and domain information, click ‘continue’ and choose the "Free" option.

Installing the Widget

Installing the Widget is simple. On the same screen, go to “See install instructions” and click on “Copy”. Now, paste it BEFORE the </body> tag of your website.

Simple and fast: it only takes a few seconds. Make sure that you have sufficient credits and start using the real-time email verification on your forms!

Widget Premium

Verifying emails in real-time on your forms is already an excellent feature, but it can get better!

With the Premium version, you will be able to personalize the icons, error/success messages, and colors to match your website and your brand's look and feel. All for only $ 4.99 per month!

The installation of this version is the same as the Free one. The only additional things that you need to do are to make the customizations, choose the Premium option and insert your payment data at the end of the process.

After installation, you will be able to track and monitor in real-time (and with personalizations), the quality of the leads captured.

So, what did you think of the Premium version? We are very sure that you will like it, but if you still have a doubt, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if your experience is not good with our new TheChecker feature! Try it now!