Did you know that email marketing influences the purchasing decisions of 59% of people? If you don't notice a similar pattern in your campaign results, you may be doing something wrong.

The truth is that many people think that they only have to create a contact list and send random messages to begin their email marketing strategy. However, this successful marketing action starts with strategy, not the email itself.

The primary purpose of your campaigns is to get the reader to take action. It doesn't matter what it is: it can be to download some material, click on an ad or even encourage them to make a purchase. Your message needs to lead the reader to the final action of your campaign.

In this post, we'll take a look at tactics to optimize your conversions with B2B email marketing.!

1. Make sure you have the right email addresses on your list

Email marketing is not just about your mailing list - but this is certainly a key point to optimize your conversions with B2B email marketing. However, it is not enough to have the list. You need to have a list with the right email contacts.

When we talk about B2B email marketing, we are dealing with companies. However, within these companies there are people who make decisions, and it is with them that you want to speak.

Do not buy contacts: if you’re not talking to the right people, there’s little chance of getting them to take action. In a simple example, imagine sending discount messages for an oil change to someone who doesn't have a car. It wouldn't be very efficient, right?

Besides, there are techniques for getting leads organically, remember?

2. Clean your email list regularly

You're collecting your contacts organically, and now your list is just growing. What do you do: let your list grow indefinitely or clean it regularly? The answer of course, is the latter.

Once again, the important thing here is not the number of contacts, but their quality. Even when collecting leads organically, over time, uncertain things can happen. For example, people on your list can delete their email addresses, leave their company, or someone may have typed the wrong address on the form.

It is your role to identify these cases and remove invalid addresses from the mailing list to have a high quality one. This improves your sender reputation and prevents your messages from landing in the spam folder of important leads.

To clear your list, you can use an email verifier.

3. Know your audience well

Shall we continue with the oil change example? Furthermore, to reach the right people, you need to send content that is relevant to them. Send something useless and your messages are likely to be classified as spam by the user, which will do no good to your reputation.

The best way to know what to send is to know who to send it. Who are the people who buy from you? What do they like? What interests them? Even when it comes to B2B email marketing, you need to think about the company’s people. Discover this and you will have a variety of ideas on what to send.

If you can deliver content that solves one of the main problems your audience is facing, you’ll be halfway to get them to take an action.

4. Improve your subject lines

The subject line is like a cover of your book. An interesting cover will make people want to read it.

You should create subject lines that are provoking and lead the user to open your email message in the first place. This is the first action you want them to take.

After all, there is no point in creating magnificent content if users don’t even open your message – and it is the subject line that gives them the power to instigate them to do so.

5. Use data do Evaluate your B2B email marketing results

Data is your best friend when it comes to creating great email campaigns. They will show you what is working and what needs to be improved. Analyze the data provided by your email marketing B2B platform and accordingly decide how to adjust your strategy to get more conversions.

Performing A/B tests is the first step, but it is not the only one. You must measure data, such as your Open Rate, Click Through Rate and Bounce Rate.

This information allows you to discover what type of content your audience likes best, how they prefer the subject lines and if your mailing list is efficient or not.

6. Invest in personalization

Personalization can do wonders for your email marketing B2B strategy. In fact, personalized emails have a 50% higher open rate than the ones with no personalization at all.

The most obvious places to include personalization are the subject line and the beginning of the message. However, you may want to include it in the body of the email message as well.

Depending on the information collected previously, you may want to include personalization that not only uses only the recipients’ name but also the location. This is something to keep in mind when setting up your forms.

B2B email marketing is one of the marketing strategies with the highest ROI. But to get there, following these tips will make a difference in your campaigns.

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