If you work in digital marketing, one of the first things you might have done is created an email list. You may soon run into problems if you allow this list to 'degrade' with time and contain invalid emails. It may damage your sender reputation and derail your future endeavors. That is why many companies are now relying on regular email validation to improve results.

An example is Leadlovers, one of the leading digital marketing platforms in Brazil, which is using TheChecker to address this issue for the past year – and might I add, with great results! Being specialists and providers in digital marketing, they had to choose a reliable service.

They started by understanding what the problem was and where email validation would be best applied. “Here at Leadlovers, the two main partners have a technical background. One of them, Diego Carmona, realized the need for email validation in all the opt-ins we had", according to Fernando Milek, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at the company.

A problem that could be solved

All the email lists that ended up on their platform contained useless email addresses of some form or another, and they had to make sure their lists were clean. He said;

“The problem we were trying to mitigate were robots that registered with us, people who ended up entering the base that didn't exist. They damaged the reputation of our service's IPs”.

That could endanger the whole service: the service’s IPs are shared between many users, and the entire thing could turn into a vast snowball sooner or later. In the end, this could endanger their whole business: if the IPs get blacklisted, it would be difficult to overcome this – both in money and time – and the shrinking user base from bad results would result in falling revenues. Diminishing income and rising costs is every business' nightmare.

The good news was that the solution was simple.

“We used TheChecker tool to overcome this issue. Since it was affordable, we did not need to increase prices for our customers”.

That meant that every single user that used Leadlovers was now protected by TheChecker platform, improving their chances to have results. It is also cost-effective, save them a lot of money and headache in the future.

All of this shows how the company strived to deliver the best results, mitigate problems, and avoid high costs in the future. All of that so they could provide the chances for their customers to be successful. And if they have the best product in the market, they would get new users.

“Why do we care about our reputation so much? We value at Leadlovers,  the deliverability of campaigns in the inboxes”.

By eliminating the chances of invalid and inexistent emails – such as fakes and temporary emails, Leadlovers managed to get ahead of its competitors. "We are now able to avoid spam traps and invalid emails to ensure a good sender reputation. This was one of the actions we took to continue with a good brand reputation; we are known nowaday as the company that delivers the most in the inbox", he tells us.

Of course, that wasn’t the only measure that Leadlovers took, but it was an important one. "We have several good practices, such as blacklist monitoring, list cleaning of disengaged users," says the executive, are all aimed at the same thing: having a better sending reputation and sending emails directly to the inboxes.

This measure is not only for new emails from people registering in the platform but also for customers that bring their email lists from other places.

“All opt-in list entries today pass through TheChecker. And if someone else is importing a new list into our platform, we recommend doing that. Especially if it’s a big list, that can damage our senders' reputation”, counts.

That's a big differential for them

By doing that on all opt-ins, Fernando Milek and Leadlovers know that they have a differential on the market, one that can protect his company from the invalid email snowball. “I believe we're the only one who provides that benefit. I don't think anyone else does that. I think this is a great differential for us”, says him.

The culture at Leadlovers is customer-centric, and that's why the company spends great energy trying to educate and share knowledge with their users, through e-books and digital learning – also, their customer support is always there, hearing the clients and helping them. "We also have a differential that is our support, which embraces the customer, to make the customer result," he tells us.

He knows that if the customers have no results on their digital marketing, they will change the company or, even worse, give up. They stop being customers. And loyalty is essential in the SaaS business model, so they’re doing everything they can to keep their customers with them. And having the best tools to help that is important for them.

That only exists if the corporate culture dictates it, and it does. “Our focus is that the customer has the best results in his business, be it a service, a product, whatever it is. We spare no effort to ensure even more delivery in the inbox”, completes. That is an excellent corporate culture if you ask us!

But every step that Leadlovers took is a step that you should also consider for your business.

Email validation for opt-ins

Over the time we've been together, TheChecker is proud to have helped Leadlovers to succeed in this challenging business – and we're glad to acknowledge that they feel the same and are sticking with us for another year. "It's been an excellent partnership. We have seen a considerable improvement in key metrics, given everything we have done. We grew almost 30% in 2019, and that's the reflex of the many steps we took to ensure quality and deliverability", Fernando Milek tells us.

Of course, this growth is not 100% because of TheChecker – we know that they took many measures – but we helped them give security to their customers, which will help their churn be even lower in the long run. That helps with growth and also on keeping an excellent service.

Their sender reputation is now preserved, which ensures that digital marketing works overtime – 20% of the emails are invalid after a year, a number that doubles if we're talking about corporate emails. Without regular email list cleanings and validations, you will send emails only to spam folders, which will damage your ROI and lead to the need to buy new IPs.

That's the key in this partnership: keep the sender reputation intact of all IPs, secure and give customers security to know that they won't be impacted by other users that are not doing their work correctly.

“After all, IPs are common for multiple accounts. If one customer damages the sender's reputation by having many invalid emails, many others will feel that. And that we do not allow”, Milek explains to us.

Such is the importance of our everyday job!

And that’s why, says Fernando, that new lists must go through TheChecker before being imported: their precedence is unknown up to that point. All of this is to guarantee safety to the system and allow it to run as it should, improving inbox deliverability. “The cleaning recommendation is not only to ensure success, but also to the safety of other customers. I believe we're the only ones that do that in our market”, he continues, knowing that attention to this detail is helping.

Some features have become hits in their platform, and have been game-changers.

“One of the great features is the ‘You meant,’ which is continually working, that had a great impact.”

It helps users that commit typos in their opt-ins, like writing “@hmail” instead of the good old “@gmail.” That's one of our features that can be a game-changer for every company: no more invalid emails because of typos and no need for a double opt-in!

This feature alone prevents the loss of customers of anyone that uses it because many of them would inevitably simply show up as a disengaged user. This couldn’t be solved even by double opt-ins, which is a common solution to avoid invalid emails, because that user would never get the validation email. That user would be lost entirely instead.

Try to find the best solution available for each problem

And if an existing Leadlover customer is getting worse results, it’s not always that TheChecker is the best or recommended solution, as he explains to us. “Sometimes, I would recommend a list cleanup [for the customer who has worse and worse results over times], but not necessarily by TheChecker parameters but by disengagement,” he says.

That’s important to know: we’re not trying to deceive you, and in many cases, there will be solutions that will work better for you. There’s a whole process that has many particularities in many steps, and there are problems we solve and moments that we are not the best solutions. By working closely with specialists such as Leadlovers, you can understand the best way to solve every problem that comes your way.

What Fernando found out with his experience with TheChecker, though, is that our platform acts perfectly as a great gateway when the person first inputs their email. After that, you can simply filter by inactivity – as valid-turned-invalid emails are disengaged by definition. It certainly is important to hear experts such as Leadlovers – our tool does not exist on an island, and choosing the right email marketing tools will be very helpful. Of course, we recommend Leadlovers to all our Brazilian customers.

And of course, it does have great variations for every person. Some will need to do more validations, and others will need less. As he explains to us:

“Customers who have more opt-in points are more susceptible to being attacked by robots, so they would need to have this validation more often.”

So if you have a plethora of e-books, videos, and other lead magnets, you may NEED to make email validation constantly, much more than a user that, let’s say, only has one or two different lead magnets. This adds complexity, and complexity needs more skilled platforms.

There are other solutions, of course. “Double opt-in would solve almost in full, but not everyone opts for it,” he tells us. Double opt-ins have many problems for some digital marketers, as it hinders list growth as many users can’t be bothered to confirm their emails – sometimes, they don’t even see these emails. So while it works, many don’t see it as an ideal solution, and email validation can be better.

“Very few customers use double opt-in,” he finishes. So you can see that’s better to verify than send your email campaign immediately, as does Leadlovers. We’re happy to have such a good partnership, helping many people and digital marketers. We hope that we can help you too very soon.

Integrate, be always vigilante

With our API, which is available for the primary email marketing tools, like Hubspot, Mailchimp, RD Station, and many others -, you can validate your emails in real-time as soon as you capture them on your site a gateway. You can also submit an entire list at once, using CSV, TXT, XLS or XLSX, guaranteeing that your full list gets processed and checked in just a few minutes (about ten faster than most email validations tools). So the next time you send a campaign, it will be sent only to valid emails.

We are committed to helping you on that journey, and that's why we were chosen as the best email validation tool in places like Capterra and Trustpilot - amassing a significant number of clients that are among the biggest companies in the world, such as Netflix and WeWork. In other words, trust us to make your list more trustable. It's our mission. Try our tool for free on this link, and remember that we have customer support 24/7 to listen to you and help you succeed!