There’s no denying that your email list is one of the most valuable assets you have for your online business. So, you can use lead magnets to your advantage to get more email subscribers. Any company or individual trying to sell a product or service needs to collect as many addresses as possible and nurture the email list accordingly.

If you’re stuck on lead magnet ideas, you should take a look at the examples below to get some inspiration. Even though the first step in growing an email list is to create a sign-up form, the strategy isn’t enough, and it doesn’t guarantee a growing list. This is where a lead magnet comes to play.

Before getting deeper into it, let’s cover the basics.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

This is another fancy word used by marketers for incentives. It’s an offer that you give to potential customers in exchange for their address or other contact information. Some marketers even call it an “opt-in bribe.”

lead magnet example

Instead of politely asking the customer for their address, you are saying, “here’s something for free, as thanks for the opt-in.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend too much on the freebies. Some companies will offer:

· a PDF document

· an eBook

· Some downloadable content

· A Discount code

Aside from the apparent benefit of attractive email addresses organically, you will also benefit from attracting specific customers. Such customers have the potential to transform into loyal customers who can spend thousands of dollars into the company.

Why Is a Lead Magnet Crucial to grow an en email list?

It is nearly impossible to create a presence online without such a strategy. Email addresses are personal. Not many people will be open to giving out their email addresses, especially if they believe that there’s nothing in it for them. Additionally, just because they like your brand doesn’t mean they necessarily want you in their inbox.

As a marketer, you have to figure out what they desire. After all, relationship marketing doesn’t work if the subscriber hasn’t formed a reasonable opinion about you. If you want to find out effective strategies for higher customer retention, check out this article.

Furthermore, visitors have become immune to pop-ups and ads on the website. They don’t even look in that direction anymore. Hence, it has no value. The reason for this is because the visitors want an incentive from you particularly. They want to feel valued and wanted.

Also, a lead magnet aims to get the opportunity to create a personal relationship with the visitor. Once you’ve earned their trust, the likelihood of selling them something is higher.

magnet aims

First-time web visitors are not quite ready to buy, but they are likely to give you their address. If you don’t get the opportunity to ask them for personal information, you may never have them back on your website again.

Now that you know why such a strategy is essential, let’s take a look at lead magnet ideas (mainly for Internet companies).

A valuable checklist

It can be argued that this is the most effective lead magnet because everyone can have access to it, and it is free to create for you. The PDF sheet will allow all types of people, including professional marketers, to rely on this straightforward yet effective incentive. Learning new ways to grow the email list always sounds appealing.

Checklist example

As you can see, the checklist has been produced in detail, and it has covered every basis. If you believe that this isn’t suitable for your particular target audience, you can also think about creating a cheat sheet.

The main idea is to be specific so that subscribers can learn something new or insightful from it. Additionally, it also has to be easy to download for people with all types of devices, including smartphones or tablets.

Videos and audio lead magnets are great, but not many people will believe that they can learn something from it. This is why we see businesses increasingly creating webinars for their customers.

Why do they work? It is simple. They have urgency. Usually, you will create live webinars that will take place at a specific time, on a particular date, and a specific number of seats are allocated. Hence, it triggers subscribers into thinking that they mustn’t miss out on the limited-time opportunity.

lead magnet example

As you can see, the CTA is smartly designed and positioned right after the persuasive text. In addition to this, even though the content is limited, it adds value to it. As well as, there’s also a picture of the author, so the email seems personalized.

Downloadable eBook

Many of your competitors are currently giving out eBooks in exchange for email addresses. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re useful. Many eBooks are very long, too descriptive, and time-consuming to read. So, subscribers are becoming less attracted to the idea of such a strategy.

Nonetheless, you can use this to your advantage to call it something else. Have you ever thought about calling the eBook, a guide? Take a look at the example below:

Downloadable eBook example

Even though it’s a mini eBook, the brand has used the name guide. Instantly, it sounds more appealing because it’s much shorter than the usual. Best of all, it’s much easier to read and to understand it.

Useful Templates

By giving subscribers a template or swipe files, you will make their life much more comfortable. They can adapt it according to their needs, and you increase the chance of better brand awareness.

Useful Templates example

This lead magnet has created an outline of what something should look like. Hence, customers will want to use it. If you wish, you can use this lead magnet in the welcome email series to establish a trustful relationship between you and the customer.

Conclusion on growing an email list organically

This article has highlighted ideas of free lead magnets, which means that you don’t have to spend any money to create them. Nonetheless, there are multiple ways that you can implement them to grow an email list. It is important to highlight that you don’t have to create something out of the ordinary to attract people to your email list. As long as the lead magnet is practical for all, it’s enough.

To determine whether the lead magnet is efficient for your target audience, you have to analyze the number of sign-ups in the period the incentive was given. This will give you an idea of whether your visitors found the approach practical. If you want to be sure you can send out a survey and ask your subscribers what they would be interested in.