With a return of $ 42 for every $ 1 spent, it's no wonder you want to invest in email marketing. Did you decide to hire an email marketing agency to do the job for you?


Investing in email marketing and putting it in the hands of experts is certainly a good strategy. However, to ensure that your money is being well invested (and that you will have a positive ROI), you need to choose an appropriate email marketing agency.

Not all agencies are the same, but there are some standard criteria for evaluating whether your company is getting excellent service or not. Keep reading and find out more!

1. What is the expertise of the email marketing agency?

Email marketing is an evolving strategy. New techniques appear every day, and plenty of studies advise the best way to go when it comes to the subject line, the size of the message, how to grow your email list and much more.

The first step is to assess how well tuned the email marketing agency team is in relation to sector’s news and trends.

You can ask questions like what tools they use (modern sending software will certainly help your results) and how they make sure your messages don't fall into the recipients' spam folder (see more about email verifiers).

Another tip is to check if the email marketing agency is making sure its campaigns are responsive to mobile - 60% of email accesses today are made via smartphone, and the expectation is that this number will increase every year.

Check out other email marketing trends.

2. How does the agency handle your strategy?

As we said, there are agencies and agencies. While some take care of all aspects of your email marketing - from collecting new leads to cleaning your mailing - others use an automatic email tool to create templates and send your messages.

When hiring an email marketing agency, you want more than just operationalizing your emails being sent, right? Therefore, it is worth checking if the chosen agency takes care of all the aspects of your strategy and delivers actual results.

3. Does the agency practice what it preaches?

You would probably not buy a car from a dealership whose owner owns another vehicle, right? This is also true when hiring an email marketing agency.

If an agency promises to create great email marketing campaigns for your company, but doesn't even have its own newsletter, be wary. One of the best ways to see if an agency is efficient is to evaluate what they have done internally.

One tip is to sign up for their mailing list, see how the agency's own email campaigns are, and ask them to show results, with statistics or clients’ success cases.

4. The results they promise and how to track them

Do you know the saying: "it's too good to be true"? It has a background of truth, so be wary of miraculous promises and quick results.

First of all, email marketing is an effective and inexpensive strategy. However, it is long term - don't expect miraculous results straight after the first campaign.

When well-executed, your campaigns will certainly help transform your visitor to customer, and build customer loyalty after that. But it takes consistency and regularity to get there.

Second, if an email marketing agency is promising to deliver results that no one else can, this is a strong indicator that they can be unattainable (and that it is not a serious agency).

The ROI of email marketing is great, mainly because the investment to start is very low. But both you and the agency need to have feet on the ground for the goals to be achieved.

To help you, check out our post with the main KPIs to measure and find out which are the indicators that show that your strategy is doing well - or not.

5. How is your relationship with the agency?

Like any consumer, you expect - and must - receive good service. And knowing if your agency cares about you is not that difficult.

Analyze how complicated or easy it is to get in touch. Do you have assistance when and where you need it? Whether by phone, email or in person.

Likewise, the agency must be willing to answer your questions and explain your strategy’s details whenever you think it is necessary. Also, even if your company goes through time without contact with the agency staff, they need to contact you regularly.

Reporting is a crucial part of understanding how your campaigns are doing and what adjustments it needs to bring you better results.

A history of reliable reports can show how transparent an agency is to its clients. The last thing you need is a partner who makes big promises and then fails to deliver the truth if a campaign fails.

Hiring an email marketing agency can do wonders for your results - after all they are experts that you can hire when the need arises. But it all depends on having the right partner by your side.

Ask yourself the questions above to reap the lucrative rewards that email marketing can offer and keep following our blog for more tips on how to make your strategy effective!