To have a successful business, you must invest in an integrated marketing strategy. Although you can communicate with customers on different channels, email is undoubtedly one of the most effective ones. Successful Email Marketing involves overcoming challenges that we discuss below.

Solving the biggest challenges to email marketers

The good news is the fact that even though you will come across demanding situations, there are always solutions. Nonetheless, before you implement the answers, you must make yourself aware of what some common mistakes are, to avoid making them yourself. To overcome the biggest Email Marketing challenges is no easy task, but we believe we can help you to.

Challenge #1 – Gaining new Subscribers

All businesses, regardless of their size, sometimes find it challenging to get people onto their email list. If you are currently in this situation, we strongly advise you against purchasing email lists. The reason for this is that it does not guarantee that consumers will engage with your campaigns, consequently (negatively) affecting your sender reputation.

You must check your email list regularly in order to avoid low open rates. If you send your campaign to inactive users, your open rates will be low and your sender reputation will be inadequate.


There are several things that you can do in order to earn your subscribers, such as:

Highlighting your value proposition - When signing up, numerous people will ask themselves why they should sign up for your mailing list. This is where you answer the question by offering something in return to them. Whatever you choose depends on your business and how much you want to spend. In the majority of cases, companies opt for sending consumers a discount code.

Tip: If the customers do not have something valuable to gain, it is highly unlikely that they will sign up to your list.

Segmentation – Even if you create the most incredible campaign, it can be considered as spam by those that are not interested in the information that you provide. If you want to keep your subscribers, you must segment your list and send them relevant emails.

Test – It is essential that you test and repeat as much as you can to discover the best formula that is suitable for your customers. You must check your campaign metrics regularly to understand what is working and what is not. Also, you should be open to changing your tactics as new trends come in over time.

Challenge #2 – Deliverability

The deliverability rate is the rate of emails that reach recipients' inbox out of the total emails that were sent. As you may know, not every campaign of yours will reach the inbox folder of every recipient. When a campaign fails to get to the right folder, it is termed as bounce. There are two different types of bounces:

  • Soft – This is a temporary bounce which usually happens when the inbox folder is full.
  • Hard – A hard bounce is due to problems such as low sender reputation or that the service providers have triggered the spam sensors.

You must avoid a hard bounce at all times because it can affect your marketing strategy considerably.



If you are facing this challenge, you already know low deliverability means wasted resources. Thus, you can consider implementing the recommendations below:

Email List – You must know how many people on your list are active and how many people are engaging with your campaigns. You should use TheChecker software to check your list periodically to avoid wasting further money.

Tip: If a contact has been inactive for a few months, the best choice would be to remove them.

Re-think opt-in process – Some people do not necessarily mean to provide you with the wrong information. Some innocently forget a character in their email address. To avoid this from happening, you should re-think the opt-in process. We recommend that you add an extra step when someone wants to sign-up to your list.

Tip: Allow the option for people to update their personal information without facing difficulties.

Self-report – If you are running out of ideas or you want to improve your process, you should ask people for reports concerning your emails. This way you will receive valuable feedback on email frequency and content.

In order to avoid such a challenge, you must understand the mistake you are making. In the majority of cases, businesses send emails to email addresses that are no longer valid. If you are flagged as someone who has a high bounce rate, you will be tagged as a spammer by email providers.

Challenge #3 – Measuring ROI

If you do not collect data and analyze each campaign's results, you will never improve. Numerous businesses do not measure the performance of each email campaign and this leads to more problems.

If you are in this situation, it means that you have not analyzed your marketing efforts and how they have affected your overall business. It is important to study the metrics to understand what is going on. The figure below outlines some of the most challenging obstacles to Email Marketers.



Set up a closed-loop marketing system. This will help you place an accurate track on a customer from the first point of contact. Often, it is when they first visit your website or when they first engage with your email, to their final interaction.

If you set it up correctly, you will track ROI from email marketing. You can also track ROI from other marketing efforts such as website optimization, social media marketing, and blog.

Challenge #4 – Low Click-Through Rates

Sometimes, even if people open your email, it does not mean that they will interact with it. If you do not place the call-to-action in the right place, it will be difficult to encourage consumers to visit your website or to turn into a paying customer. Thus, numerous businesses need help with subscriber retention and low customer engagement.


Personalization is the keyword when it comes to email marketing. Since we live in a technology-based world, artificial intelligence has allowed brands to provide a high degree of personalization than ever before. You can no longer expect people to interact with you by sending them an email. Thus, you must change according to customer preferences to increase click-through rates.

Another solution would be to take a look at how frequently you are sending your email campaigns. If you send numerous emails throughout the week, it is very likely that recipients will not open each one.

Furthermore, you should always optimize your emails for smartphones. Nowadays, only a small percentage of people are reading your campaign on a computer. If you do not optimize it properly, photos will take longer to load and the content will be difficult to read. Thus, before you send the campaign to those in your list, you should send it to yourself first to check if everything looks right.

Biggest Email Marketing challenges

To overcome the biggest Email Marketing challenges is not an easy task. If you have read and implemented our guide, you may be well-positioned to do so. One thing that you should consider is that this market is exceptionally volatile, and new challenges will arise in due time. Never stop working or studying - for the future.

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