How to Efficiently Prepare for Voice Technology Implementation

There’s no hiding the fact that voice technology has majorly increased throughout the years and consumers are using this much more frequently than ever before.

It has been noted that chat technology will be used by more than half of Americans by 2022. Currently, there are around 47.3 million people in the U.S that are using Amazon Echo or Google Home.

In order to have the best marketing, you have to get prepared to use this trend in your favor. To overcome the challenges, it’s essential that you get used to the details way before your competitors. Without a doubt, the way customers will encounter effective marketing will change. This is why inevitably email practices will change as the year's pass.

A smart email will probably read itself with a voice set by those that have created the campaign. This is why it has to be interactive and engaging. Otherwise, the next email that will reach their Inbox will be unopened or sent straight to the Spam folder.

It’s important to mention that you don’t have to do changes to your marketing strategy straight away. You should look at businesses such as Uber and Lyft or Capital One. The best thing that you can do is to gather as much information as you can so when the right time comes, you can effectively implement the changes.

Subject Lines

Customers will decide whether to open up the email according to the subject lines alone. This is why the majority of businesses have spent a large amount of time an effort to get it right. As new technology is implemented, it will be clear to see that voice technology will change this.

Customers will open or send the email to the spam folder only by hearing who the sender is. Thus, the subject line will be far less important than what it is now. This is why the main priority would be to:

  • Build an excellent reputation
  • Build trust
  • Develop a strong brand

If the customer will not open the email due to the sender alone, your business will have to suffer majorly. This is why it’s essential that you build an organic email list. If you send an email to someone who hasn’t sign up to the list, it’s unlikely that they will open the email. In fact, it’s more likely that your campaign will be sent to the spam folder than to be opened.

In addition to this, you have to ensure that the campaign goes to the right folder. If your list is not updated, when you send an email, you will trigger the spam sensors built by platforms such as Gmail and Outlook. Thus, your campaign will go straight to the spam folder. TheChecker software will clear out the list of inactive users so you will be sure that the campaign will go to Inbox rather than Spam.

New Branding Techniques

You will be surprised to know that it would be a lot easier to develop a brand by using the best practices. Since more users are relying on voice technology, to check their emails, the brand can develop a personality. Many people all over the world complain that businesses currently look more alike than apart. Thus, it’s essential that you start focusing on creating a personality before voice technology becomes a necessity.

It has been noted that brands can create their own voice. This is something that will help to set them apart. Whether you are choosing the voice to be sweet or professional, authoritative or casual, it will have an influence on how customers will respond to the campaign. Some of the things that you need to consider are:

  • Gender of the voice
  • The tone
  • Using celebrities

You have to be careful when testing and gather as many opinions as possible. Your brand reputation will be at stake if you don’t make the right choice. In addition to this, it will determine whether the customer will open the message or not.

The most successful brand will be the one that that will have a more human tone. This is why technical and transactional voices will not be desired. This can be already seen when setting up your sender address. The is not a best practice. The reason for this is because it makes you look like a robot rather than a human.

Changing Specifics

It will be inevitable for problems to appear as this new technology becomes more popular. This is why you have to be ready to make changes in branding. In fact, you will be likely to make new job opportunities for:

  • Writers
  • Audio Technicians
  • Audio Engineers

You have to consider the small details. For example, you have to consider how the brand name sounds. As you may know, the word “laurel” went viral due to the fact that many people have heard it “yanny”. Are you sure that people will hear the brand name correctly? This is why you have to ensure that you test and gather as many results as possible.

Voice-based Call-to-Actions

If you’ve done a campaign already, you know that this element is key in marketing strategy. This is why it’s likely that you’re spending a lot of time and effort to make it as effective as possible.

This process will change as voice technology becomes more popular. The first thing that will change is the testing period. If you want to have a successful campaign, you have to test out different types of technology in order to figure out which is the most effective for your customers. You shouldn’t base your results on others as it could be completely different for your target group.

In addition to this, you may have to change the purpose of a CTA. The technology will not link the website. When creating the campaign, you have to decide how will the customers be directed to the next step based on the interface that they’re using.

How to Efficiently Prepare for Voice Technology Implementation
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