Email marketing is an excellent tool in terms of return on investment; for every $1 spent, you get $40 back. Thus, it is a marketing technique you cannot underestimate. Emailing your customers means that you can maintain a valuable long-term relationship with your customers and achieve sustainable growth. According to a study, 80% of businesses rely on Email Marketing for customer retention. After all, it will cost you approximately five times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. Want to succeed? Start by building a profitable email list.

Grow your Email list for free!

Email Marketing is an art and a science. If you do not do it right, you risk losing a lot of money and time. To benefit from a long-lasting customer relationship, you need to know how to create a profitable email list. If you are tempted to purchase a list, you are most likely making the wrong decision for your business. It is fairly simple to do so organically and costs nothing, so why wouldn't you build a free profitable email list yourself?

A vast majority of your customers or potential customers use social media, thus providing you with a source of generating new leads. Below you will find ways that you can leverage social media to your benefit.


When creating the bio for your business’s profile, you should consider adding a CTA. A large number of people will know what your business is by looking at the photos and videos posted, rather than your bio. This does not mean that you have to make it boring; try to use a couple of emojis to spice it up. By linking your website to your profile, you encourage more traffic to your website and consequently, more sign-ups.

If you use Twitter, you may have seen that some users have pinned important tweets on top of their feeds. This is an excellent opportunity to place your call-to-action. The very first tweet someone will see is the CTA so it is essential to use it for your advantage in order to build your list. To do this, you will have to:

  • Write a tweet including the CTA
  • Click on the gray arrow that is positioned to the right of the tweet
  • Select “Pin to your profile page”

Using such a platform will allow you to connect to potential customers. We thoroughly recommend that you use all social media platforms that are relevant to your customer base, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

CTA Post on Instagram

If you want to invest in advertising, Instagram ads are similar to Facebook ads. However, if you have a limited budget, you can create a post for free which can have similar results. Numerous brands have opted to create an image with text that guides people to the CTA that is positioned in the bio. You have probably seen “Link in bio” often. That is because people are using this free option to increase their list.

Do not forget that the description for the image plays an important role too. You cannot hope for considerable success if you post a picture, and that is it. Therefore, you should add things such as emojis, incentives, and offers.

If you want exclusivity, you should consider this free option. One of the key things that you can do if you are a small business for free, is to set up a Facebook group only for verified subscribers. You will encourage more sign-ups and you will be speaking to people that are genuinely interested in your business. To get to a subscribers-only group, we do advise that you build the community with an open group.

Once people are engaged with the content that you are creating, you should encourage them to share your content. Even if you have a limited budget - you should keep aside a certain amount of money to reward those that are sharing your profile or content.

If you want to create a list quickly, you are prone to making damaging mistakes. You should use TheChecker to ensure that your current email list is updated. If you want to create a profitable list, you must make sure that every email address is valid.

Use existing Website to grow your free email list

Without a doubt, a website is one of the most powerful tools to create your email list for free. By optimizing and using SEO strategically, you can grow your business and your email list simultaneously.

Landing Page

It has been noted that personalized or original content will get up to 40% higher view-to-submission rate than a less-creative CTA, helping you to build the free profitable list that you are looking for. That is almost double the opportunity to grow your list. The reason for this is because those that are accessing your website are looking for something specific. Thus, your CTA must look unique or be specific to stand a chance.

If you do not have the resources to create a personalized CTA, there are numerous tool kits available that you can use for free. For example, you can encourage people to sign up to your list through:

  • A fun quiz
  • An e-book
  • Exclusive content

If you offer something that is suitable to the customer, in exchange for their email address, it would not feel like a money-grabbing advertisement. By considering this method, you may also get people to be interested in future email campaigns.

You may initially think that pop-ups are bothersome but it is an essential trick to use when building up your list. In order to make it less bothering, you should consider timed pop-ups. Thus, after a certain amount of time, a person can receive a pop-up that is relevant to the content that is on the page.

Tip: Do not forget to add the option to hide it without too much hustle. Otherwise, it will drive people away.

Use Humor: it is useful for a free profitable email list

A vast majority of CTAs use the same old “Yes” or No” that we do not even bother anymore. To stand out from the rest and encourage people to sign up to your list, you must use engaging text. The reason for this is that it makes people think twice about whether to sign up or more. On the other hand, do not be passive-aggressive and before submitting, you must test whether others find the text amusing.

In order to optimize sign-ups, you do not want to use words such as “sign up”; find the perfect balance between humor and irony. Thus, you should add words such as:

  • Exclusive
  • Download
  • Featured

Visitors to your website must feel that they must sign up to the list in order to get something in return. For example, “Access exclusive content” or “Download the exclusive e-book”. In both of these cases, the potential customer will see the gain they will have by giving you their email address - that is how you build a free profitable email list! Good luck!