Some emails have higher open and engagement rates than others. When it comes to driving conversions and sales, you need to consider each email you send carefully. Every new subscriber expects to get an email from you at some point, and you need to meet their expectations if you want to stay in their inbox and maybe even, top of mind.

The average open rate for all industries is around 21%, and the click-through rates for all are 2.5%. The industries with the highest open rates are legal services and non-profits.

If you are providing a service or a product online, people might not trust you at first. This is fair as history has shown us that not many people know how to do email marketing right. For example, spamming subscribers by telling them how amazing your product is, will scare them away rather than entice them.

Below, you will find four examples of emails that you must send to increase ROI and drive sales.

Idea to drive sales

Idea #1 Question and Answer Email

Naturally, we question things. So, inevitably, your customers will also have questions regarding your business.

It doesn't matter how incredibly informative the website is as people will still have questions, and they probably don't have much time to spend on your website anyway.

You may ask yourself, there is a full section on "About Us" so how is it possible for people to have more questions?

The average user time spent on a website is around 1 minute. Inevitably, users don't have the patience to read the information that you've provided. Additionally, even if you have a FAQ section, if it isn't designed well, barely anyone will read it.

The majority of us use search engines to find answers quickly. Nonetheless, some subscribers will ask the questions directly through email. This is a good thing for your business as you get the chance to brag about the company without sounding "salesy."

The good news is that there are two different types of Q&A emails that you can send. First, you can ask the questions and answer them yourself. Like this:

Question and Answer Email

Or, to make it even more straightforward, you can allow the customer to ask their questions. Similarly, to what Canva does:

Question and Answer Email example

Such an email will not only give you a chance to talk in-depth about your products or services, but it will also make you seem helpful.

Additionally, you will also be perceived as a business that cares about their customers and not just sales. By taking care of the subscriber's needs, you increase the possibility of conversion.

Idea #2: Welcome Email with A Twist

Welcome emails are a must. As this article highlights, it's an email marketing mistake not to have one. Such a mistake will cost conversions!

Such email is there to show to the newbie that you're grateful that they have signed up. Just like this in this example:

Welcome Email with A Twist

As you want to go the extra mile, you can use this gesture to add the CTA button. This is where the twist comes to play. Instead of just saying thanks, you can go into detail about some of the actions you want them to take. Think about guiding them to:

· Setting up an account

· What they should do next

· How to search for you on social media

The idea behind this is to create an action for the newbie. If you're someone that wants to go that extra-extra mile, you should include a video in the welcome emails. The reason for this is because such emails have higher open rates.

Besides, not everyone has the patience to read a long email, and not everyone will do what you expect them to do. However, they're more likely to take a look at the video. It's important to mention that you don't have to do this with just welcome emails. When you're introducing a new product or service, the demo will make the job easier.

When you provide what they want to see consistently, they will be more open to engage with the emails and follow the CTA button. Hence, giving you another possibility to increase conversion rates.

Idea #3: Social Media Email

You can use social media to your advantage, and we don't mean just exposure. Social media positively influences sales if it is used correctly. For example, Instagram and Pinterest have a "buy now" button that can be used by people that may have never heard about your business before. It's known that platforms such as Pinterest allow potential customers to plan their purchases, which drives sales up to 25% worldwide.

Now, it's becoming common for people to use Instagram to engage with businesses in some way. So, you don't have to use emails with the intent to sell. You can send an email to point them towards your social media. Similarly, to what The Container Store does:

Social Media Email

Best of all, such emails will also drive further brand awareness. For example, Instagram shows your followers what pictures you've liked. Hence, you will never know who your next customer will be.

Additionally, referrals have the most significant influence on sales as it's up to 4x more likely that a newbie will purchase if they've heard about the business from a friend. So, you should never underestimate word-of-mouth.

If you want something fun but straight to the point, you should take a look at the example from Bed Bath& Beyond:

Social Media Email example

As you can see, the email is clear yet funny. Since the email doesn't have to be serious and professional, you can have some fun with GIFs, images, and videos. Even if you have social-sharing buttons integrated into the emails, it's essential to create a single email with the sole purpose of social media.

Idea to drive sales #4: Incentive Email

It's good if you're already sending discounts emails. However, this isn't enough. Do you know what your subscribers love more than a discount code? Free things.

Even though it may sound counterproductive to give things for free, it will boost revenue by up to 75%. The reason for this is because people will stay with you even after the incentive has run out.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you have to take the word free literally. Thus, you can give a free sample or a free trial for the service. While it's still free, the value goes beyond an amount. Such email is guaranteed to drive up engagement and open rates like no other.

Additionally, you can also combine a free incentive with social media sharing. Hence, you can transform it into an online referral program. Take a look at this example.

 Incentive Email example

Who doesn't want two months' worth of free stuff at the price of a share on social media? Here, you have won yourself a social share, better brand awareness, and a subscriber that will stay on to the email list.

Such an email will perfectly combine the best of both worlds. The recipient believes that they're getting something for being signed up to the email list and you have driven up the sales rate, engagement, and open rates.


If you know when to send the email and what to include in it to drive sales, the ROI can be for every $1 spent, $40 back - 40.000%. Depending on the audience, you can use emails to convert subscribers into buying customers. Nonetheless, just because you're sending an email, it doesn't mean that you're doing it right or that you should expect results.

On the other hand, a sent email is much better than an unsent one. So, what are you waiting for? Decide what type of audience you have and which method will work best for your particular subscribers. However, you do have the freedom to use all means if you have never used them before.