As you may know, the email subject line is the very first thing a subscriber will read once they receive your email. It means that within approximately five seconds, they will decide whether to open it or not. If the subject line is amiss, they will ignore all your hard work that went into creating your email campaign.

Have you ever heard of the expression, “The first impression is the last impression”? This is what I am talking about here. It is known that 47% of people open an email based on the subject line.

It is incredible how much power this one line has. It does not matter how creative the email content is, if you don’t get the subject line right. Let’s look at some statistics:

• The term “Sales” will increase open rates by up to 4%. The word “Sale” will decrease the percentage by 2%

• Including the recipient’s name in the subject line increases the clickthrough rate

• Up to 60% of all email recipients will mark the email as spam based on the subject line

Additionally, while 7 words is the most common subject line word length, 3 words has the highest engagement rates (21.2%).

How to Craft an Email Subject Line

Just like email marketing best practices, there are email subject lines best practices. Regardless of the reason why you’re sending an email, it’s in your best interest if the recipient reads it.

When crafting a subject line, you can think about implying a sense of urgency. Make them believe that the content in the email is available for a limited time only.  The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is real.

FOMO example

Without a doubt, recipients are generally happy to receive a genuine deal. So, play this to your advantage. By letting the subscriber know of the deal within the email, they will check out the email to get more information.

You may have seen that some subject lines have a question in them. The reason for this is because questions are a great way to grab the attention of the recipient.

Nonetheless, it is essential to understand that your open rates will drop if you do this. Brands that go over the top have seen a lower click rate by 8% on average.

You should pay attention to how you formulate the question. If the subscriber has seen the same question in 10 different subject lines, you will be perceived as a brand with no creativity.

Tips and Tricks

Keep it short – You should never write a subject line with more than 50 characters. The subject line should never be perceived as a vague message but more like a short and snappy phrase.

Attention Seeker – Perceive yourself as someone who is looking for attention when crafting them. The words that you include in the phrase are the sole persuaders to make a recipient open the email.

Don’t Lie – There’s a difference between being creative and being a liar. So, in the subject line, you should never mislead the subscriber to open the email. This is the fastest way to lose value in the eyes of your customers.

Less is More

You already know that the recipient will receive many emails everyday. A majority of them are likely ignored or sent straight to spam. If you do not put thought into your subject lines, yours will be another ignored email.

Subject lines be unique and engaging. Within a few words, you should persuade the subscriber that the content within the email is appealing to them.

A well-crafted subject line must be tested before you send it to the recipients.

Top Email Subject Line Tester Tools

email subjetc line tester

Description: By simply entering your subject line, you will get a score out of 100. In addition to this, the tool will also give you a breakdown on how to improve your results. Moreover, you will also enjoy a range of features to enhance your next subject line, all without having to sign up.

Best of all, you will see previews of what the subject line will look like on different devices.

Price: Free

how the subject looks like

Description: This is a more advanced tool as it uses an AI-based tester. It promises to improve the campaign as it tests different versions of the designs while you get a thorough understanding of what the recipients prefer. Furthermore, it will also allow you to do A/B split testing.

Price: Free

subject line tester

Description: Similarly, to the others, you will be able to get a thorough understanding of how effective the subject line is. This is because it will analyze how natural and easy it is to read the subject line. As well as, it will also calculate the number of characters, and show you previews of the message on different devices.

Equally important, it will also provide you with a comprehensive view by analyzing for spammy words, so it eliminates the possibility for your campaign to trigger the spam filters by email providers.

Price: Free

email subject line tester

Description: This easy-to-use tool is the right choice if you don’t understand the specifics just yet, but you still want a compelling subject line. If you’re new in the industry, you will find the tool easy to understand.

However, when using this tool, you should bear in mind that you will not receive a comprehensive report. The tool will analyze and rank the subject line, take a look at the word count, and give you tips on how to improve it.

Price: Free

example of subject line tester

Description: This is another tool that will rank your subject line out of 100. Then, it will also advise you on how to improve the subject line for better open rates.

Price: Free

So, what are you waiting for? Use your creativity and use any of the tools above to test the efficiency of your subject lines. Let us know if this helped you!