An effective marketing campaign helps you in numerous ways - for example, boosting sales and attracting customers to sign up for services. You must avoid making common mistakes that will cost you time and money.

Nonetheless, if you do your research, you can prevent having an unsuccessful email marketing campaign at your hands.

What are some common email marketing mistakes?

Starting Late

If you are just starting, you may wonder what to do once someone has subscribed to your email list. The answer is simple; you have to send them a welcome email immediately. It is known that the very first email you send, has a high open rate, so you have to ensure that you produce the best email that you possibly can. You can include content such as:

  • Who you are
  • What the customer should expect
  • Tell them what’s planned for the near future

If you are a beginner, you should acknowledge that email marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use. Therefore, when allocating resources, this should be as much as social media and SEO.

However, do you know when the best time to send an email is? If you do not, we are here to help. Studies have shown that you should send your campaign on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The best hours are:

  • 6 am – Numerous people begin their day by checking emails in bed
  • 10 am - Often people check and respond to personal emails before beginning work
  • 2 pm – People are looking for distractions at the workplace, which is why they are more likely to check their emails
  • 8 pm – Before going to sleep people might check their inbox

This does not mean that you have to follow this guide religiously, the most suitable thing to do is to test and schedule as much as you can to find the best time specifically for your business.

Unclear Call-to-Action

Without positioning correctly, you are allowing your audience to get lost or figure out by themselves what the CTA is. This is the perfect tool to use if you want people to convert. Before you start the campaign, you must have a clear vision of where to position it and where to take your audience. If the goal is to maximize sales, guide them to your product page.

In order to make the CTA stand out, there are several things that you can do. Be aware, this gives you more room to make mistakes so you must follow each step carefully.

Position – You must ensure that it is easy to find, so that you can use the help of colors, text, and size of the buttons. Focus on bright and bold text.

Words – Without a doubt, words matter. Thus, the words that you use will determine how successful the CTA will be. Being boring will make the readers skip past it. Foster curiosity with the help of words such as “read more” and urgency with words such as “buy now”.

Simplicity – Too much of everything can be harmful. Therefore, you should keep it simple to prevent the message from becoming muddled. On the other hand, it is essential that you repeat the CTA further down in the message so the customer has more opportunities to discover it.

Buying Email Lists

If you purchase such lists you risk losing money as the lists are not updated. Therefore, you will not know how many emails are active. If you already have a list but do not know how many accounts are active, you can use TheChecker’s email verification service to validate your list.

The risk with buying lists is that people will not open an email that they have not subscribed to. Therefore, your campaign will be sent straight to the spam or trash folder, making it the ultimate email marketing mistake. After all, it is likely that the majority of addresses on the list are inactive. Even if some turn out to be real, they probably will not have a reason to open the email anyway.

Not Optimizing Properly

If email conversions are low, it is probably due to the fact that you have not optimized it properly and have forgotten about your cell phone audience. It has been noted that around 80% of those that are reading your campaign are using a mobile device. There is no point of adding informative content, placing a CTA at the right place, and using the right addresses if the customers cannot read the content.

Do not worry, it is easy and inexpensive to format the campaign for mobile devices. The main principle is that you have to keep it simple and straight to the point. You should follow these tips:

  • Images should not be wider than 600 pixels
  • Content should be short and sweet within a single column
  • Use a limited number of images

Before sending out your campaign, you have to test as much as you can to avoid damaging your business reputation. Many companies do not acknowledge the fact that small details can make a big difference when it comes to conversion rates.


It is essential to understand that continuously sending your subscribers emails will not mean better conversions. Many beginners make the common mistake of bombarding customers with campaigns so it is inevitable that they often end up in the spam folder. Moreover, spam blockers are more likely to get triggered so you should avoid risking it by sending too many emails.

The best thing that you can do is to do a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly schedule that is carefully considered. You will see improvements in:

  • Bounce rates
  • Open rates
  • Click rates

Following a strict schedule will eliminate the possibility of inconsistency. If you do not have time, you can set up a team. The main idea is to keep yourself top of mind and prevent the business from being forgotten - which would be a big email marketing mistake.

Failing to Track

Are you regularly checking your stats?

Even though it seems obvious, if you not tracking the results of a campaign, you will find it impossible to know what the conversion rate is. There are numerous tools that are currently on the market that will let you know how many people are accessing your website through an email campaign and how many people are actually purchasing after being redirected from your email.

Failing to look Professional

As you know, there are some shady people and businesses out there on the internet. Thus, you should not blame your subscribers if they are skeptical about some emails.

If your campaigns look unprofessional, amateur, and in some cases complete chaos, the recipients will be hesitant to open your email and most likely delete it.

To maintain a high level of professionalism, you should consider the following factors:

Spell Check

Understandably, everyone will make mistakes at some point. Nonetheless, it can be awkward to see major spelling mistakes such as “Byu Nw” or incorrect grammar in the subject line. Regardless of how small the error is.

Furthermore, you should also double-check the preview text. Studies show that the preview text has as much effect on the reader, as much as the subject line.

Remove Stock Images

Stock images are everywhere! Hence, there is a high possibility that your readers have seen those images a dozen times before. In addition to this, many of those images are watermarked. Thus, it makes you look lazy and not interested in the details.

Stay away from Attachments

Do you know who uses attachments? Spammers do. Your subscribers also know this. Professional email marketers do not use attachments in their emails unless the subscriber expects them.

On the other hand, you can add an attachment in the form of a PDF — for example, an invoice for something the recipients have purchased.

Using Too Much 'Sales' Language

Your subscribers have signed up to the list to find out more information about the services or products that you offer. They certainly haven’t signed up to be extensively targeted by what you want to sell.

Furthermore, you should also stay ahead of your competitors and come up with ways to grab the attention of the recipients. Take into consideration the following:


You want to stay away from sounding like a TV commercial in your emails. Your subscribers will have enough of that every single day of their lives. By writing to them as a friend, they are more likely to click on your CTA button. Be their trustworthy friend, rather than an annoying salesperson.

Pay Attention to Them

Instead of letting them know how great the product is, tell the readers the benefits they will get from what you’re offering them. You should always make your sales focused on the value they can provide to others.

Conclusion on Email Marketing Mistakes

Conversions do not happen by just writing an email. You have to put in a lot of effort to ensure that the readers will be interested in it and take your desired action. By taking into consideration the factors above and avoiding common Marketing mistakes, you will ensure that your recipients will turn from simple subscribers to potential customers.

After all, such email marketing mistakes are easy to fix without consuming a lot of your time and effort. Identifying what mistakes you are making is the first part.