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Email Marketing for Small Agencies and Freelancers

When you're small in such a vast world, it can be time-consuming and daunting to appeal to all of the customers. If you believe that you're very good at what you're doing, you need to know how to market your business correctly.

There are many challenges to face, especially when you're a freelancer. If you're a business, you have to quickly figure out how to keep customers and how to effectively approach new ones. However, one of the main problems every freelancer and small business faces is the budget. What do you do when you don't have as much money as national to international companies? The answer is simple, email marketing.

Why Email Marketing?

This is the oldest and still, one of the most effective marketing. The reason for this is because it remains one of the most popular forms of electronic communication. A study shows that around 3 billion people will use an email platform by the year 2020.

When done right, it doesn't matter if you're a big or small player in the digital world. An international company can get it wrong and lose thousands of customers by one single campaign. However, when it's done right, it can:

•    Provide a 3800% ROI. So, for every $1 you spend, you will get £38 back

•    Make the message more visible to thousands of people

•    Increase in profit considerably

Essentially, you are paving the way for those who are visiting your website yet they're still considering if they want to use your service or not. If the website captures their attention, the email will encourage them to purchase from you. Emails are the fastest way to convert a subscriber into a customer.

Furthermore, when you're starting in the industry, not many people are aware of how good you are. By using emails, you will help to build the brand as it's a more direct and personal way to target audience. When you're consistent with well-written emails, your subscribers will want to get engaged and share with others.

Perhaps, the most significant impact email marketing has is building trust between you and the potential customer. Without a doubt, the majority of customers will want someone that they've previously worked with because it's less stressful and perhaps, more productive. Nonetheless, if you show the subscribers that you're consistent and fault-less, you will build credibility in their eyes.

How to Effectively Use Email Marketing?

Target Audience

Before you send out the emails, you want to know who you're sending them to. This is why it's essential to grow your list organically rather than to purchase them. You must send campaigns to those that want and have chosen to hear from you. Random people are detrimental to sender reputation. Substantially, you will damage your reputation even before getting to the tough part. To grow your list, you can take the following actions:

•    Use a sign-up form on the blog or website

•    Use pop-ups

•    Give incentives to newbies

You should think about learning keywords such as open rates, email deliverability, engagement rates. This will allow you to be one step ahead of those on the same level as you.

Welcome Emails

Great! Now that you have some subscribers on your organically-grown list, you need to send them a welcome email. If you want to know whether to send an HTML or a Plain Text email as the first email, you should take a look at this article.

Such email will welcome the newbie to your list, and it also confirms that they've signed up on their own. Hence, a large percentage of your competitor's will set-up 2-step confirmation. Nonetheless, if you believe that this isn't the case for you just yet, a "Thank you" can go a very long way. Inside the email, you can include information regarding:

•    Who you are

•    What services you provide

•    What the subscriber should expect from you

Additionally, this is an excellent time to think about collecting information about them. Hence, you can set up a small questionnaire or during the sign-up process, you can ask them questions regarding their age, gender, and location. Such information will help you to segment the list and send relevant emails to each subscriber.


Whoever you are, an incentive will always put you in a good mood. When you're considering email marketing as a strategy, it means that you're gearing up to become a serious player. So, you have to use every tool necessary to win customers over. Therefore, you must acknowledge the fact that if the person doesn't feel a personal gain from joining the list, they will not sign up.

Nonetheless, this doesn't mean that you have to go broke by offering everyone something. Even by providing small discount code, a free eBook, or a guide, the customer will feel appreciated. In your eyes, the incentive can be perceived as bait. You're using the tool to tempt new people to try your service.

Understandably, your competitors will try to take advantage of this. Hence, they will probably sign-up with numerous emails to gain as much as possible. Therefore, you must use TheChecker to figure out who is a potential customer and who your competitors are. In the end, you will save a lot of money and time.

Landing Pages

In every email you make, you must have a CTA button. This button plays a vital role. Thus, you must create a landing page which will direct the subscribers towards the incentive or the service that you're offering. In simple terms, it's the page where they can take the action that you desire.

Landing pages are essential for every single service that you provide. The reason for this is because it will explain in detail about the service that you're offering, so people will know what they're purchasing. Additionally, such pages will keep them interested in your brand and encourage them to buy.

Scheduling Emails

It will be a shame to work hard to gain subscribers to lose them within a month. When a subscriber loses interest in your emails, it can be tough to gain their attention back. One of the fastest ways to make a customer lose interest in your service is by not sending enough emails. How can you expect a customer to remember you when they receive hundreds of emails every day?

To avoid this, you must create an email calendar for scheduled emails. This calendar will let you know on what day and time to send the email for them to be opened and engaged with. One of the best advice that we can give is to avoid sending one email per month.


Without a doubt, email marketing will help to build the brand and kick-start the journey to become a well-known brand. When creating emails, you should consider personalization to keep the human touch.

Email Marketing for Small Agencies and Freelancers
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