Regardless of how far technology will advance, email is here to stay. Arguably, emails are practical, simple, fast, and easy to read. Hence, we have seen the number of business and consumer emails sent and received rise from 281 billion in 2018 to 293.6 billion expected in 2019.

Even though emails aren’t going anywhere, businesses must keep up with the latest trends, best practices, strategies, and tactics. As there are continuous developments and improvements in technology, customers have higher expectations. You may have noticed already that you have a different experience reading the email than before - good email marketing designs can help you with that. The reason for this is because businesses have started to take advantage of automated emails.

How to use good email market designs

If you’re looking for inspiration, you should take a look below at email marketing designs trends. If you want to improve your ROI, you must consider testing out the designs.

1. Interactivity

Since the craze of VR, interactivity is the latest trend for email marketing designs. Long gone are the days where links and sidebars were the only interactivity the subscriber would have. Nowadays, we see emails slowly developing into microsites within the subscriber’s inbox.

Such a trend has the potential to limit barriers between you and the customer, increase engagement rates, and open-rates. To have all of this, you must think about integrating:

• Image galleries

• Add-to-cart functionality

• Search options

• Carousels

2. Personalization

You must level up personalization by using segmentation to its full potential in order to create good email marketing designs. You should take a look at this article (best practices) to find out how to send an engaging email. To ensure that you’re sending relevant information to your subscribers, you need to gather dynamic content. It’s much more accessible than ever before to collect information. With the material that you receive, you can produce innovative emails that your subscribers want to read or are interested in. By taking advantage of personalized emails, you can improve the open rates by up to 26%.

As mentioned above, it’s essential to use technological advances to your advantage. Thus, you should use artificial intelligence technology to crunch the mass amount of information. Then, produce newsletters with master templates to include the relevant content. Such action will ensure that the email will look more like a personal message for the appropriate subscriber.

3. Strategic Use of Colors and Photos; good email marketing designs can't do without

Newsletters play an essential role when it comes to engagement. Hence, when creating such a feature, you should consider:

• Color blocking

• Bright backgrounds

• Contrasting colors

All of these characteristics will work in perfect harmony to attract attention to your CTA. Best of all, you can use this strategy for your website as well. In 2019, we have seen the rise of hero images for websites. The reason for this is because it’s the perfect opportunity to use high-quality and colorful photos to make an impact on each person.

4. Minimalistic and Clean

It’s argued that we use our mobile phones much more than our laptops or computers. This means that you’re somewhat limited when making a campaign as you have less space and your subscribers have a shorter attention span. This is why the information has to be straight to the point, easy to read, and positioned in the right place.

5. CSS Animation

Thanks to social media, GIFs, animation, and live backgrounds are thoroughly sought after. This is good news for your business because you need less content and more moving pictures. In 2019, we are experiencing a higher use of CSS animation. The use of SVG graphic means that you can use high-quality images without losing quality regardless of the device used to read the campaign. In addition to this, you must consider using or even creating your CSS animation to gather the attention of the readers.

6. Short and Simple

When creating emails in 2019, you must keep it tidy, and everything should be placed right where it belongs to. The well-balanced design will make it easy for the subscriber to read the information. An organized email will make the subscriber start from the subject line to the end of the email. You should think of it as a journey. You may have seen e-commerce businesses or even Pinterest using the card layout. The journey begins from the very first “card” the customer sees.

Furthermore, you should also consider using white space effectively to ensure that the text and the images aren’t overwhelming. The content will appear organized, bright, and attractive for the customers to engage with.

7. Imagery, Front, and Copy

Each campaign that you create must match the message and the brand persona that you’ve set up from the very first welcome email. Such action will reinforce the company’s identity, and customers will be able to recognize you easier. In addition to this, it will also help to keep the email organized. To make it easier, you should consider using fonts and different typing styles such as:

• Size

• Color

• Style

Typography plays a vital role in 2019. Equally important, you also have to ensure that you have the correct spacing in-between the lines.

8. Monochrome

When creating contrasts, you must be sure that the color usage works together because monochrome is making a comeback in 2019. In emails and websites as well. Less is more, and the color scheme has to be pleasant to the eye. Nowadays, a simplified color scheme is black and white, and it’s a trend that you should consider following. You cannot go wrong with both colors (or lack of). The contrast between the two elements will make the crucial characteristics to stand out.

9. Divide Strategically

Dividing without purpose is planning to fail. In 2019, you should try:

• Horizontal divisions

• Geometric designs

• Angular grids

By using these, you will ensure that the subscriber maintains interest to continue reading until the bottom. If you want to make sure that you’re putting the information across the right way, think about positioning the info at the top of the email. Then, ensure that the rest of the data has equal importance. An aesthetical email will improve engagement rates and open rates.

10. Spice It Up

If you want to create an email for the holidays, you should give it a twist to prevent clichés. A modernized twist is refreshing for the subscriber that receives more than ten emails per day. In 2019, you should consider using glitch art to give the campaign almost a psychedelic appearance. As well as, the newsletter shouldn’t just be full of information. It should also have GIFs, videos, and even memes.