Email copywriting is not as easy as it sounds. It can be an overwhelming task to know how to write an engaging email. If you’re writing copies that aren’t getting the conversation started, it means that the strategy hasn’t found the right balance between art and science.

Once someone has signed up to the email list, it means that they’re somewhat interested in what you have to say. This may trick you into believing that the sales process is more straightforward, but this isn’t the case. If you don’t deliver what is expected of you, you will make a wrong impression. Thus, risking ending up in the spam folder.

So, if you want to write an engaging email, you should take a look below at the best email copywriting practices.

1. Good email copywriting starts with the right subject line

Think of the subject line as the gatekeeper to the email. Perfecting this strategy will make the difference between the subscriber opening the email or reporting it as spam. If it doesn’t grab the attention of the recipient, they will not open the email.

There are a few tips that you need to remember whenever crafting the subject line, such as:

Personalization: By attributing the name of the recipient will make it more personal. Hence, you should stay away from words such as “to.” Also, it makes you stand out from the competitors

Length: There should be a maximum of ten words and a minimum of six. This is because a large number of subscribers will open the inbox on their mobile devices.

Word choice: Stay away from sales pitch as there will be enough space for that within the email. Better off, create a sense of urgency.

You should take a look at this article if you want to know more about subject line tips. It’s essential to mention that even though you should create a sense of urgency, you shouldn’t use cliché lines.

subject line

Sure, a few words cannot summarize the campaign. However, if you test and analyze different ones, you will surely find the winning formula.

2. Use the help of psychology

Our brains can act in predictable ways for certain types of actions. You can use how our brains are wired to create the best possible email copywriting. Using psychology in emails is a strategy that many businesses use. If you want a high converting email, you should take into consideration the following factors:

Fear of missing out (FOMO): This links back to point #1. FOMO is when you don’t want to lose anything, ever. Therefore, your competitors are using limited-time discount codes. Some will follow the CTA button out of curiosity too.

Color choice: Whenever something seems chaotic or not easy on the eye, we tend to look away. So, you should learn more about colors, eliciting different reactions. Use those colors to make the CTA stand out.

Personalization: Similarly, with the subject lines, it makes the recipient believe that there’s a business-customer relationship established. In their eyes, you are more than just a business.

You can also try to use pictures, GIFs, and videos to your advantage. However, this is a risky decision, as it may not be displayed to every device according to your vision. Also, overdoing it can create more damage than good.

3. Benefits are more important than features

You know how valuable the email is. But, does the recipient have the same feeling? Let us tell you; it’s a no. Therefore, it should be your job to explain it to them.

After all, what do you think the customer cares more about? What the service or product does or, how can it benefit them? Thus, the campaign should always be about the subscriber.

One of the main reasons why some companies have low open rates is because the campaigns highlight what they’re offering. Rather than how the recipient can benefit from what they’re offering. Take a look at the example below:

benefits copywriting

As you can see, the 30% discount is in your face with significant, colorful writing. Random words seem chaotic. How can I directly benefit from this discount?

Whereas, take a look at the other example:

benefits example

Even though the main goal is to sell the shorts, there’s a straight to the point paragraph explaining how the recipient will directly benefit from the apparel. Hence, your attention is grabbed.

After all, the majority of people will purchase based on emotions. The logic will come afterward. Thus, it makes sense to appeal to their emotional side rather than their logic.

4. Preview text is important

Email copywriting is more than just text. Linking back to the subject line, you should pay an incredible amount of attention to the preview text. The subject line, combined with the preview text, is the most critical factors that will determine if the subscriber will open the email.

preview text

Ranging from 30 to 100 characters, you should ensure that it shows precisely how you want it. Otherwise, you will waste an opportunity, and you also have the potential to damage your reputation in the eyes of the subscribers.

5. Use simple language

It can be frustrating to read a message more than once and not being able to understand due to the language chosen. Whenever you’re writing an email, you should bear in mind that the recipients may not have the same level of knowledge regarding the industry, as you do.

This is particularly important to the companies that are selling a service. So, if you’re a lawyer or investment firm, stay away from the technical language. For example, this credit card company has simple and straightforward information:

simple language example

Even though they have a high potential of being boring, the information is relevant and easy to read. In addition to this, it also has a strategically-placed questionnaire that is easy to respond.

Conclusion on Email Copywriting

For an effective email copywriting, you need to understand what your subscribers enjoy the most. Do they prefer informative or sales pitches? If you apply the tips included in this article, you will see significant changes in the open and engagement rates. Good content will also influence conversion rates.