In 2020 we are living in chaotic times, which has meant that the world is forming new habits and quickly adapting to unfamiliar situations. Without a doubt, all this change has had a major impact on consumer behaviour. To stay relevant, I urge you to have a Covid-19 email marketing strategy in place.

While companies are rethinking their strategies and redirecting their investments, the department that needs to keep working to boost business is marketing - and this is true  no matter which market your company operates in.

Amongst all the uncertainty, one thing remains certain: e-mail has always been a workhorse, be it good times or bad. Even previously, companies have relied on email marketing to stay relevant. Having said that, do you know how to go about forming your Covid-19 email marketing strategy?

Why invest in a Covid-19 email marketing strategy?

A survey by Edelman, involving 12,000 respondents from the world's leading economies revealed that consumers expect companies to behave empathetically during the Covid-19 crisis. Moreover 65% of respondents stated that their likelihood of consumption during this period is directly linked to the way in which brands respond to the pandemic.

In the same survey, 1 in 3 respondents expressed that they have already stopped consuming products or services from brands that are not socially responsible in regards to the pandemic. Furthermore, 90% of them expect companies to keep their customers up to date with all the actions that are being taken to continue operations.

This is why one should have a Covid-19 email marketing strategy, given that 42% of consumers reported preferring this communication channel to receive any updates.

Critical points of an email marketing strategy during the pandemic

Communicate changes in service

Updating your customer base regarding changes that may occur during the Covid-19 crisis is a way of building trust and consequently bringing your brand closer to the public. Also, this way you can show that you are taking steps that are recommended by health experts.

Regardless of the niche, consumers expect details of the company which they relate to. Be straightforward and explain the impact of the pandemic, the actions taken and the ways to remedy possible problems. Think about questions such as: How can the customer get in touch? Which channels are available for a quick response? Being transparent is essential at this point.

Adapt your language and be direct

Before defining your Covid-19 email marketing strategy, you must know you should get straight to the point. Everyone is receiving a lot of information right now - so if you want to be noticed, keep your message succinct and your brand voice humanized.

Keep in mind that the people who receive your email are facing different challenges, thus empathy is the key here to building long-lasting relationships - which takes us to the next point.

Don't send an email for the sake of it

If you do not have anything to communicate, don't force it. Your Covid-19 email marketing strategy must aim to serve a purpose for your customer base, and just being one more among other rejected emails is not going to do you any good.

The golden rule of any campaign is to provide value to your customer base - and in times of crisis, this is even more crucial. No matter which industry you work in, ensure that your email marketing is relevant to the moment, be it with information, updates about the brand or a special offer that will solve a plausible pain.

Don't just sell products or services, support your base

We have already talked about humanizing and showing empathy for your customer base, but these points are a foundation for any marketing action. When it comes to creating a Covid-19 e-mail marketing campaign, these are even more vital, as they are related to the importance of showing solidarity at the moment.

In addition to selling, embrace this opportunity to build relationships with your customers. Deliver valuable content, not just products, show tangible solutions and not just services.

For example, is now the time for home office? How can you help your client go through this period in a better way? How about suggesting methods that help increase productivity while working remotely? Issues related to your product bring your company closer to your base, and it helps with empathizing.

Make sure that the elements of your email speak to the current moment

Any previously scheduled campaign must be reviewed to have an assertive Covid-19 email marketing strategy. The pandemic is reason enough not only to change the content of your email, but also your approach and your tone of voice.

Also, pay attention to the images, titles and CTAs: all of these elements should be in line with each other and together display the attitude that your company adopts in regards to this crisis.

Golden tip: We are in isolation, you cannot give the  idea of it being a happy and relaxing holiday.

Base reactivation for Covid-19 email marketing strategy

In some way or another, you will feel the impact of the crisis and that is a fact. But it can be a good time to look at what you already have: contacts that did not advance, negotiations that were still in process and old customers: outline a strategy for reactivating bases.

But the idea here is not to rush emails without segmentation and validation. Keeping your bounce rate low is essential, especially now when you will need to adjust your digital strategies to ensure revenue.

Are you ready? Try the best validation email tool and start planning your Covid-19 email marketing strategy with the guarantee of your validated base!