It is no secret that the old ways of marketing, which were not always so consumer friendly, no longer work.

Technological advancements have changed the way we consume - 89% of today's consumers browse the internet before making a purchase decision, even if they do it in a physical store afterwards.

That is why content marketing has become king, as marketers often say.

By providing useful content to your audience to educate them about your products and services - or address some of their pain points - you can increase your conversions.

That is why, we are going to discuss the role of content marketing in a customer’s journey!

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of planning, creating and sharing rich and interesting content for your potential customers, or leads. This content is intended to educate them about your product or service so that they advance in the sales funnel until they become your customer and ideally a loyal one.

Content marketing is based on the attraction, interaction and satisfaction of leads to drive the growth of a company, adding value and creating trust.

As technology advances, content marketing allows us to do business in a humane way and maintain a connection with consumers.

It is a better way to market, sell and help customers. As we all know, a good customer experience can help your business grow better in the long run.

How does content marketing impact the customer journey?

The customer journey consists of three main stages: attract, interact and delight. Companies use this marketing methodology to build trust, credibility and motivation. It is about adding value at each stage of the consumer's journey.

This is because more than advertising, it is necessary to inform. Understanding your consumer audience and its various niches is of great importance for you to have successful campaigns and build customer loyalty.

The customer journey is based on the premise that not every customer responds well to direct sales campaigns, such as advertisements, offers and promotions sent by email.

For example, it is possible that your customer is curious about a product or service, but with no intention of buying it at that moment. The company that provides this information may have a greater chance of getting that sale in the future.

Attracting visitors to your website is not the sole responsibility of marketers; The interaction with them should not be just in the hands of the sales team; And delighting them is not the only obligation of the customer service department.

To create lasting relationships and turn your audience into loyal customers, all teams must work together for the customer to be engaged and continue to build trust in your brand. All communication channels must also be seamlessly integrated, for the consumers to have a truly omnichannel experience.

Filtering leads to generate more sales

Many companies invest in digital marketing without understanding the customer's journey and their needs and expectations at each stage.

With content marketing, it is possible to segment your customers into different stages, and analyze the best approach for each group. The process generates two very important results: it filters your customers, enabling you to feed them with more personalized content and makes your email list cleaner and more accurate.

Customers who visit your page, for example, and search for a specific product or service may be open to receiving promotions and informative materials that may be useful for them.

This process classifies your customers by the stage they are in and can help you approach them in the most efficient way so that they elect your company in their purchase decision.

The benefits of content marketing

Most customers research on the internet before making a purchase of products or services. If your company does not have an adequate online presence, they are likely to look for a competitor who can provide more information about what interests them.

In addition, leaving your mark on the internet can add value to your image and generate more confidence for customers. Having relevant content based on the customer journey and available on a company blog, for example, can serve as a reference for consumers and encourage them to choose your company instead of a competitor.

Appearing in organic searches

organic search

Search platforms use ranks from the best qualified sites for the keywords used in the search. Companies that use content marketing in their online presence are more likely to appear among the first in the search results for presenting more relevance of the content sought.

The financial investment in paid ads is no longer enough for companies to be at the top of the search - which has led countless of them to invest in the production of relevant content to have a greater prominence in the digital world.

Generating cost savings

Some companies still spend large amounts of money on traditional advertising and fail to achieve positive results. In addition to being more effective, content marketing has a considerably lower cost than traditional methods.

A campaign in traditional media such as television, for example, can be very expensive and may not show promising results. When a marketing strategy is formulated keeping in mind the customer journey, in addition to being cost-effective, it presents you with invaluable data about your customers. This can give you accurate insights and help you make even better strategies in the future.


In many cases, your customer may only be waiting for a bigger incentive to make the purchase decision and choose your company. This decision-making takes place better when the company understands what stage the customer is at and starts to nurture the relationship with him early. So that when he is ready, he will make a decision that is favourable for you.

Knowing when the customer is ready to decide whether or not to buy and from whom to buy is a process that requires a lot of analysis and understanding. From the customer's journey, it is possible to analyze behaviors and predict when the best time to indicate a product or service should be - considering that the customer has already consumed enough information and may be waiting for some opportunity to make his decision.

Use an Email Checker

Whenever you can, use tools that can help you make your digital marketing activities even more efficient. One of the strategies widely used in content marketing is getting subscribers to your newsletter or requesting information from customers.

The list of contacts that you have should be carefully analyzed before you send your email marketing campaigns. Some of the email contacts you receive may be misspelled, have domain and punctuation errors, or may even be invalid.

Using an Email Checker can be a great way to avoid collecting incorrect email addresses which can make your campaigns less efficient.

Understanding the importance of digital marketing, especially content marketing for the customer journey throughout the purchase process, requires knowledge and the development of efficient communication strategies.

Visionary entrepreneurs understand the importance of changes in the market and invest wisely in their campaigns to obtain positive results.

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