Since birthdays are an exciting time, you can use this as an advantage for your business by sending a good birthday email to your customers. After all, it has been noted that these are the most effective emails that you will ever send.

Such campaigns have a transition of up to 480% higher transaction rate than promotional ones as well as; they will generate up to 342% more revenue than the promotional campaigns. Thus, you will miss out on money by simply not taking into consideration such detail.

In addition to this, it will help the audience to believe that your business and they are forming a relationship. Through such birthday emails, you will ensure brand loyalty and boost sales.

How to Create a Successful Birthday Email

According to a report, it has been highlighted that a birthday message has an open rate of 45%, whereas a typical campaign will reach an open rate of 20.8%. Nonetheless, to ensure that the message has been a success, you have to do it correctly by following the tips below.

Step 1 – Segment the list. In order to create incentives or special gifts, you have to take into consideration demographic factors, gender, and loyalty. On the one side, you should put those who you know the birthday for sure and on the other hand, you should put the ones that you don’t know. In case the customer has been supporting your business for many years, you should think about a higher discount than usual.

Step 2 – Make sure that the information is accurate. You will do more damage than good if you send someone a birthday message without it being their birthday. A good idea would be to ask them to insert their birthday when signing up. If you don’t know when their birthday is, you can send them a birthday message the day that they’ve surprised and marked it as an anniversary.

Step 3 – Make sure that what you’re using is relevant to the customer profile. There’s no point in giving them 50% in tops if all they purchase are dresses.

What to Include

Since we’re talking about what to include in the birthday email, we have highlighted the popular choices among businesses all over the world. The main idea behind it is to remember that when giving the customer something, they have to redeem it easily. Thus, do not over complicate things.

Coupon – By giving them a hard to resist coupon, you will ensure a boost in sales. Therefore, it will be a win-win situation. If you choose this option, send the birthday email at the beginning of the month or a month before, so it gives them enough time to act on it.

Mystery Discount – If you want the campaign to be fun and exciting, you should use a tool that will allow the consumer to “scratch” a digital card. There, you can give the customer a certain amount of discount.

Gift – Without a doubt, everyone loves a freebie. Thus, why not act on it? Please bear in mind that you don’t have to go out of your way to purchase them a gift. You can offer customer gifts such as:

  • EBook
  • Service upgrade
  • Tastecards

If you don’t have time to create a birthday campaign for every single person on your list, there are tools to help you with this. However, they do not work if you don’t have the birthdays of each individual.

Free shipping – The majority of us would rather spend $20 on an item than $3 on delivery. Thus, even if you’re not a fan of discounted shipping or free delivery, you should do it on their birthday in order to remove any obstacles that keep them from placing an order. Therefore, if you want to give them a discount, you should follow it with free delivery.

When to Send a Birthday Email

Just by sending one birthday message, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the customer will open it. Therefore, you should send a variety of emails in order to ensure a higher open rate. You should send:

  • One before the actual birthday
  • One of the birthday
  • A reminder email to take advantage of their gift or discount

As you may know, you won’t be the only company that sends them a birthday campaign. In fact, they will probably be invaded with numerous campaigns similar to yours. Thus, sending more than one message, you will ensure a higher open rate. As well as, you must remember to make it fun.

Personalize It

If you want to make it special, you have to add personality to it. Make it unique yet simple. This is why the subject lines are more important than ever. Research says (google it) when the subject lines are personalized, the open rate will increase by 26%, and you will probably have up to 760% increase in email revenue.

Even though it’s a special campaign, you shouldn’t forget about the call-to-action. This is why you have to ensure that it’s clearly positioned so that it can be easily read and accessed. Thus, you should include words such as:

  • “Redeem your gift now.”
  • “Claim your coupon.”
  • “Check out the scratch card.”

Since people are going to be overwhelmed with what’s happening already, you don’t want to aggravate the situation further. This is why you have to ensure that the message is simple and short. You should:

  • Use a maximum of 50 words
  • Use images, GIFs, and emoji
  • Use a combination of warm colors

This campaign is very simple to create as long as you follow the steps above. Don’t overdo it as you will lower the possibility of increased revenue. The main idea behind it is the fact that you must send such a campaign at least once in order to build a relationship with the customer. This will also have a positive influence on future open rates.

Even though it may seem like a hustle to give out a discount, it’s much better to send a message with something to offer than just a simple happy birthday email.