Customer retention is essential if you want to achieve full profit potential. However, it may seem difficult if you don’t know how to do it correctly. Before you start to see noticeable results, you must build a strong customer base with loyal buyers.

Increasingly, we see businesses such as Nike, Ben & Jerry’s, and JetBlue doing well when it comes to keeping customers. This is based on their response rates to the customer’s needs. Customer engagement strategies work when companies understand the importance of fulfilling the customer’s needs.

Building a sizeable organic email list can indeed be reasonably straightforward with a strategic marketing campaign. However, autoresponders must be integrated into the strategy to develop and promote customer loyalty.

Regardless of the company's size, autoresponders are a must-have as they ensure fast, responsive customer service. Much better and more efficient than a person doing it. If you want to improve customer retention, you should begin working toward a robust digital strategy.

The Rule of Seven

According to an unwritten rule, a subscriber will need to see your email pop-up at least seven times before they go and spend their cash. If they don’t read your marketing messages for several times, they won’t feel comfortable handing out their hard-earned money.

Therefore, it would be difficult to personally create high engaging emails until the recipients decide that they need you. Autoresponders will help you create content that will make your brand stand out from the rest. Your subscribers will receive a large number of emails, so you want to make sure that they always notice you.

Why are autoresponders significant?

There are three main reasons why a business must integrate this feature into their marketing strategy. These are:

• Autopilot – You will save a lot of time as you need to create the template only one time

• Personalize messages – It will send out personalized campaigns to different list segments. Hence, each customer will feel attended to. For example, an existing customer will receive campaigns based on a sales pitch.

• Nurture leads – It helps you to build a base of loyal customers as it positively impacts the customer-business relationship

Considering the potential emails have, it would work into your advantage to implement different email marketing strategies. The bottom line is that if email marketing is done right, you will get back $40 for every $1 spent.

Best of all, it isn’t difficult to set out autoresponders. Take inspiration from the examples below and figure out how to fit it in with your company.

1. Welcome emails

What a better way to start if not at the beginning? It’s never too early to begin building customer loyalty. An excellent welcome email is the one that has information about:

• What to expect

• Brand values

• Who we are

After all, this is the first contact that the brand and the customer will have. It’s essential to make an excellent first impression. It’s known that such emails have an open rate of 10x higher than the other campaigns, so, it’s your time to shine.

After you’ve done the welcome email, it’s a good idea to set up future autoresponders that are explicitly assigned to that particular subscriber. Hence, the company will be ready to respond to whatever action the recipient is taking.

2. More than just re-engagement campaigns

It can be overwhelming in dealing with the customer’s needs. Thus, customer service may not always reach its full potential. If it doesn’t go the extra mile for the customers, it’s as good as not being there anyway.

Before you send out re-engagement emails, you should focus on segmentation. Hence, the email list should have categories regarding:

• Age

• Gender

• Location

Nothing makes the customer think about loyalty more than personalized messages. So, you should take a look at the example below:

Personalized messages

As you can see, the email includes the name and the specific target that it has met. Without autoresponders, it can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming to check which milestone the customers have reached. If this isn’t done right, you risk going straight to the spam folder.

Marking whatever milestones you may set up makes the subscriber believe that you're more like a friend than corporate.

3. Conversation starter

Your customer will have digital experiences from the moment they pick up their phone. What’s important to remember is that the latest trends have shown that personal touches in digital marketing are more effective on customers.

Regardless of the type of feedback you receive, you should use autoresponders to send a ‘thank you’ email. Of course, positive feedbacks will add a layer of loyalty in the customer-business relationship, but negative feedbacks are more critical.

When a subscriber responds negatively, it gives you the insight and chance to change where you’re going wrong. Once you improve that particular area, you will also increase the chances of higher customer loyalty.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to wait until something has gone wrong. Getting the opinion of your customers on the brand is essential. Hence, consider introducing autoresponders that will gently nudge the recipients for their views on the company.

4. Recognize and reward

It would help if you recognized when a customer comes back to purchase from you over and over again. Then, you should reward them for their action and watch the magic happen. Of course, you don’t have to break into the profits. You should reward with:

• Free shipping

• Discount code

• 2-for-1 deal

A trick would be to show potential loyal customers what they’re in for. You never know, you may catch the attention of a considerable number of subscribers.

Furthermore, you may also send autoresponders to non-member. The reason for this is because you are providing them with an opportunity to join the loyalty club. Hence, you should think about setting up a rewards system based on the number of purchases.

Conclusion on Autoresponders

There’s no magic wand that you can use to make customers invest money into your business. It’s hard work to transform followers into loyal buyers.

If you want to make sure that your campaigns don't waste and recipients engage with them, you want to make the subscribers believe that they're their friend. Once they like and trust you, they will be more open to investing in the company.

If you want to save money and time, autoresponders are your best bet. Once you’ve set the templates, you should allow the system to do the hard work. After all, there are several tools online that will help you to create the best possible template for your particular clients.