Email verification is a way of ensuring that the messages you send to customers in your mailing list are delivered to them. The process is carried out through an email verifier software that firstly analyzes each email address for typos or possible errors. It then performs a ping test to identify whether the account exists and belongs to a real person.

The benefits of checking your mailing list are many. You can easily guarantee a high campaign delivery rate while focusing on making them more efficient.

Any business that invests in Email Marketing should also invest in a tool that makes the mailing list "cleaner" and up-to-date. But how to choose one?

Currently, marketing managers have the option of choosing between various types of email verifiers. To help you make a decision, we have outlined a review of the main ones below.

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Email verifier solutions

Every marketing manager's goal is to turn contacts into sales conversions. But for that to happen, you need to get your messages to reach your leads first.

Email verification programs guarantee this. They have the right resources to separate fake or disposable email addresses from real people's accounts. Their key features include:

1. Syntax checking: checking for errors, such as spaces or invalid characters and whether characters, such as @ and periods are properly typed and in their proper places;

2. Domain verification: verification of the existence of registered domains or a typing error in the domain;

3. Email ping: sending a test to the recipient's email server or host to verify that it is active and in use.

These are the basics of every tool. However, different tools can vary in features that make email verification even easier. This ensures that the efforts invested in marketing campaigns will successfully reach the recipients inbox, giving them an opportunity to become brand customers.

And what is better: the email verifier allows you to evaluate lists with millions of emails, so that no contact in your mailing list is left without validation.

Some of these options also offer a free trial, so you can test them to check whether the service meets your needs. Check out below the 7 best options of email verifiers available on the market!


TheChecker is on top of the best email verifier platforms used by giants such as Netflix, Zumper, weWork, openTable, and thousands of other companies in more than 170 countries.

The program has 99% accuracy in its checks, which is one of the highest rates in the market. It has a Bounce Checker, which analyzes which emails are likely to return to your inbox due to failed sending and also identifies which ones are unsafe to send.

TheChecker detects typos in both the name and domain, domain validity, syntax errors, and performs a risk analysis for malicious recipients.

The solution allows teams with more than one user to access it, so that multiple administrators can share the same account and mailing lists. It shows duplicate email addresses, removes spam filters that might send your email to the spam box, and also checks for "mask" emails, which are used to hide the recipient's real address.

TheChecker also detects role-based addresses, which are unlikely to bring positive results to your campaigns. Also, the software allows you to import lists manually or through integrations, such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, MailerLite, and Campaign Monitor.

The results after verification can be exported in several formats, thus meeting your needs.

Another highlight is that the email verifier accepts several email list formats for verification, making the process simpler, regardless of the operating system or program you use. All with 24x7 support and more than 99% reliability.

When registering, you automatically get 100 credits (to check 100 email addresses) to try the service. The prices vary according to the number of credits. If you want to check 10k emails, the cost is $ 19, and $ 649 for 1M checks.

2. NeverBounce

NeverBounce is a quick email verification tool. It allows you to process lists of 500 to 500,000 email addresses.

The software offers you the option to extract any segment of the list and identifies advanced data points that are detected during the scan. This means that you can locate free email hosts, role-based accounts, data with incorrect syntax, valid DNS / MX records, etc.

However, the email verifier does not provide a more in-depth insight into exactly why an email address was filtered out during the cleanup process. It puts emails into general categories (Valid, Unverifiable, Unknown, Disposable, and Invalid), but does not provide details about each account.

NeverBounce charges $ 50 for checking 10k of emails and $ 2,590 for 1M of checks.

Check out a full comparison of TheChecker vs. NeverBounce.

3 . BriteVerify

BriteVerify is one of the tools marketed by Validity. The program collects contacts and performs compatibility tests that can be requested at any time.

Widely used by marketing and communication companies, the system prevents more than 1.5 million incorrect emails from being sent and entering CRM systems.

The checks are carried out in real-time, during the manual entry of data, or by importing a list of contacts.

To check emails via BriteVerify, you need to pay $ 100 for 10k email packages up to $ 5,000 for 1M checks.

Check out a full comparison of TheChecker vs. BriteVerify.

4. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce removes invalid email addresses from your mailing list, preventing

messages from ending up in the spam folder and increasing the delivery rate. The program checks the activity in the emails through a ping test, and searches for errors in the address syntax.

ZeroBounce's features include a domain scanner that tracks suspicious domains known for abuse, spam, and bots. The email verifier also provides an overview of the type and consumption of data. It also has features like:

· MX record detection that recognizes whether an email address is genuine or not;

· Anti-greylisting technology that provides the most accurate email validation results;

· Correction of typing errors.

Packages vary according to the number of emails that need to be checked, ranging from $ 65 for 10k emails to $ 1,590 for 1M packages.

Check out a full comparison of TheChecker vs. ZeroBouce.

5. Kickbox

Kickbox initially came from the anti-spam technology industry, with a focus on identifying malicious emails or with unsigned content by users.

The platform is easy to use: you just need to drag your list directly to the application. Verification takes place in real-time using two tools, point-of-capture API and batch verification API.

Kickbox plans vary according to the number of emails, ranging from $ 5 for 500 emails to $ 4,000 for 1M packages.

Check out a full comparison of TheChecker vs. Kickbox.

6. Email List Verify

To identify useless email addresses, Email List Verify performs domain and SMTP validation and activates its spam interception checker. The program also flags disposable emails, and has a syntax error checker, removing duplicate addresses from your list.

The MTA checker also performs advanced checks to validate MX records in email messages.

Email List Verify offers package options ranging from $ 19 for 10k emails and $ 649 for 1M verified emails.

Check out a full comparison of TheChecker vs. Email List Verify.

7. Proofy

Proofy offers services such as discarding duplicate emails, syntax checking, and domain analysis. Also, the email verifier performs SMTP connection tests to simulate sending an email and checking if there is something wrong with the recipient’s email address.

The program also has MX Records, which analyzes which servers will be used so that you can receive emails.

Package prices range from $ 30 for 10k verified emails to $ 950 for 1M packages.

Check out a full comparison of TC vs. Proofy.

Why TheChecker is the best email verifier?

Now that you know a little more about the email verifiers that are available in the market, it's time to understand why TheChecker is the best of them all.

Best email verifier

TheChecker was conceived to make email verification more accessible and affordable for companies of all sizes. Our tool is the only solution that offers more than 99% reliability.

If you compare the prices of each, TheChecker is also the best option, offering packages by the number of checks far more affordable than its competitors. The savings can reach US $ 4,351 when compared to the most expensive option, sold by BriteVerify.

While all options offer the Spam Trap Removal feature, removing spam traps that don't apply to real people, TheChecker offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring help no matter when you need it.

Apart from that, TheChecker gives you the option to install Real-Time Validation Widget, a feature that allows you to check the completion of your forms in real-time, thus actively preventing users from providing incorrect email addresses.

Keen to know more? Try out our free email verifier version and see for yourself why TheChecker is the best choice to keep your email list clean! Are you ready to be amazed? Let's kill the bounce!