Whether you want to draw attention to a new service or advertise a new product, email marketing is one of the best tools you have. Connecting with subscribers via emails will increase the likelihood of conversions.

Email marketing has remained as one of the top preferred channels of communication for B2B companies. However, not many companies are successful in creating engaging email campaigns. Additionally, you will face creativity problems as you are limited in what you can do.

B2B Email Marketing Examples

Nonetheless, faced with fierce competition, some companies have designed impressive persuasive emails. Given below are 10 of the best B2B email marketing examples.

1. Asana Platform (Welcome B2B email marketing)

If you don’t like complications, you will find emails sent by Asana a delight to read. The color combination is pleasant on the eyes, and the whitespace is strategically positioned. So, you will always know what each email is trying to say.

Welcome B2B email marketing
Example 1: Asana

As you can see, such a platform will help teams to manage projects and communicate faster. The minimalism in the campaign isn’t portrayed as laziness. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of content or media, it’s able to capture attention by the few words written.

There is only one CTA which is positioned in the center of the email. There are no other website navigations, so your attention isn’t divided into other buttons. Usually, several businesses will send such an email as one of the welcome emails.

2. Atlassian (New Features)

Here’s an example by Atlassian announcing their several updated features. It has a white background with easy-to-read text, so your attention is focused on the limited content used to describe the new updates.

New Features email Marketing

The campaign starts with a persuasive text of “try them for free” before introducing the features. As well as, even though there are several CTA’s, each one is strategically positioned. The good news is that you can use such an email for business to customer marketing.

As long as you keep it simple to read, you will be successful with B2B and B2C email marketing. To ensure this, you have to focus on the type of content you use and how you use it. Hence, you should think about headlines, the position of the CTA, and the kind of language you want to use.

3. Uber (Announcement Email)

There’s no hiding the fact that many businesses struggle to make a grand announcement when it comes to B2B marketing. Therefore, email marketing can’t reach its full potential. Below is an example from Uber:

Announcement Email

Mainly, the email has announced a new service/product while also including the changes it has taken. As you can see, it’s noted that the changes have been made due to the feedback customers have given. This shows that the company cares about what people have to say and not just the paychecks.

The content within the email flows naturally. Each CTA button has an attention-grabbing color, and the images used are relevant to the content. The descriptive text about how to use each feature is short, and straight to the point.

4. CampaignMonitor (Inspiration)

The inspiration email below is one of the most significant marketing email examples if you believe that you need to inspire others even in the B2B niche. CampaignMonitor has sent an email to remind others on how to use one of their templates.

Inspiration email

As you can see, there is only one CTA which is positioned at the top of the email. As the content flows smoothly, you understand that you can create the campaign by yourself. However, below it tells you that you have the help of the customer service if you ever need it. If you want to create a campaign but don’t have any ideas, you can get inspiration from the video.

The email has used smart strategies to get higher open rates. The headline is catchy, the CTA is positioned in the right place, and they’ve used a variety of media. Thus, these persuasive techniques will encourage the subscriber to engage.

5. Flywheel (Boasting Email)

It’s only right to send an email to the stakeholders to let them know how the year went. You have to let them know how successful it was and how much you have achieved within the year. Nonetheless, you can take this opportunity to use some of the content for B2B marketing. Like this:

Boasting Email

This is an opportunity for you to boast about the brand. This opportunity is limited during the year, and it isn’t right to talk too much about the brand. Best of all, you can let your imagination run and create it; however, you wish. Some subscribers will appreciate you letting them know how the company is doing.

6. Intuit (Personalized Updates)

Not all of the subscribers will behave in the same fashion when it comes to the brand. Some will purchase more products than others, some will open emails and not follow the CTA button, and some will never read the campaigns.

Intuit uses this information to create personalized emails. This is another excellent marketing email examples.

Personalized Updates email

It has minimal content, but it’s personalized. The link is for subscribers to check their credit scores. Additionally, the graphics and the headline are matching, so this is one of the best B2B email marketing examples.

7. Moo (Support Campaign)

Similarly, to the other’s, this email has found the right combination between white space, colors, and creativity. Hence, it has helped the brand to increase traffic to the website, conversion, and open rates.

Support Campaign email

Such an email is also used to show that the company cares about the user’s needs. Hence, it shows that it has premium products for their customers, which, in turn, will help brands to increase income.

8. HubSpot (Webinar Email)

If you want people to attend your webinar, you have to connect with them directly. The only way to do this is by using email marketing. As you can see, HubSpot has created a persuasive email:

Webinar Email

The email tells the audience the value of the webinar and what it has to offer. It also gives a sneak peek into what the audience should expect from it and how they can use it to their advantage. The CTA is bold and attention-grabbing.

9. KISSmetrics (Demo)

Regardless if you use it for B2B marketing or customers, people engage with demos. If you can afford to offer such a feature, you will guarantee high engagement and open rates. You should take a look at the example below as it’s one of the simplest yet practical marketing email examples.

Demo email

The personalized email sent by the brand is persuasive because it has used words such as “VIP,” “1-on-1”, “a few slots open.” The personalized language makes you believe that they’ve taken time to create the email for each subscriber. As well as, the sign-up process is easy.

10. Eyequant (Case Study)

When it comes to the B2B niche, case studies are essential. It helps the subscriber to understand more about the brand and what the company is capable of doing. Take a look below:

Case Study email

Such a case study is used to persuade potential customers to purchase their service, which, in turn, will positively affect conversion rates. Even though it hasn’t talked about understanding the problem, they have given a solution.

Conclusion on B2B Email marketing examples

Straightforward, simple, and easy-to-read emails are often much more useful than intricate ones. When not much content is added, it adds better value to the little text that is included. In addition to this, even if creativity is limited in B2B email marketing, you can take full advantage of the simplicity and effortlessly increase the conversion rates.

The idea of such marketing is to avoid missing a chance to communicate with everyone that is on the list and not just customers. Brands that are on your email list will also want to know about product updates and announcements.